Author: EM Obsidian

May Fishing Contest, Friday May 27th, 7PM PST

May’s Fish is the Fire Fish, chosen by last month’s winner Loki Drunab. Fire Fish can be found in the depths of the dungeon Shame. Fish must be dated between May 1st and May 27th. The largest catch wins! We…

A Plan Is In Place

King Blackthorn leaned forward in his chair, and looked over the map Admiral Bovio had presented to him. He began to scan the map noting landmarks and cities to pinpoint exactly where Bovio was talking about. “Right here sire… Points…

Strange Brewing

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 11th 8PM PST. Meet At: Counselor Hall. Archmage Stanley seeks help in locating the whereabouts of his acquaintance Silvius Belmont, the renowned alchemist.

Excerpts from the journal of Silvius Belmont

…I bid my farewells to the fine folk of the Mages Guild, and the town folk of Moonglow I had grown accustomed to brewing potions and elixirs for. I gathered all of the tools I would need to investigate these…

Greetings from EM Obsidian!

Hello everyone! I have recently been given access to the Golden Brew’s private reserve… *grins* Look for events and news to be posted here in the coming days. -EM Obsidian