Author: EM Obsidian

The Slumbering Sap

After a cautious walk through the streets of Buccaneer’s Den, Mack Glynn walked through the doorway of the Scoundrel’s Den, and greeted his friend Johnny Runner. Johnny stood up with an ecstatic smile on his face as he greeted Mack.…

Richardson’s Resignation

Under a cloudy and cool afternoon sky, the courier quickly ran across the bridge leading into Castle Blackthorn with parchment in hand. He ran up the stairs, greeted a few confused guards, and inquired to where King Blackthorn might be.…

The Red Army Resurgence – Wednesday April 26th, 7PM PST

The Red Goblin Army that was routed at the battle of Skara Brae has regrouped, and is now laying siege to Trinsic! Please join your fellow citizens to help break the blockade! (Or join your fellow goblins to cause mayhem)