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Clainin Memorial

Just to let everyone know that me and Seppo have not forgotten about the memorial service for Clainin and we will post a date for the service soon. Pallando

Gardening contest submissions

Oye, Kullervo here! I would like to express my gratitude towards Lady Tyler, Lady Wildstar, Lady Tiger, and Lady Sara for submitting their ideas for the garden. I have interacted with all of them and now must decide on the winning design.

Proclamation of the champions!

We started out as a crowd, each with a dream! A dream to become the champion amongst our peers! After an astounding 48 duels, we were left with the best of the participants. It was time for the finals! Mage…

Champions Duel Finals *updated*

Come Saturday the curtains will finally come down on the Champion’s Duel Tournament. Two magicians and three warriors will test each other’s mettle to find out who is the champion in their respective categories!

Easter bunny comes to town! (update)

Hear ye, Hear ye, Reports are arriving from our scouts of a cute little bunny that is coming to town. Based on our best projections, it is expected to reach Britain by this Friday Sunday, despite Lord Casca’s objections. Amongst…

Gardening contest clarification

The deadline for the gardening contest is midnight Tuesday (PST). So far, I have received submissions from Lady Wildstar and Lady Sara. If you sent me a submission thinking the deadline was noon Tuesday, you are welcome to send another…

Champion’s Duel Semifinal Results

I would like to sincerely apologize to all of the participants and the audience members for my absence. I had a lousy day with technology being clearly against me. However, based on the early reports from Lady Wildstar and Lady…