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Champion’s Duel Day 1 Results

Lady Nystad writes, “First day of the Champion’s duel tournament was a success. There were few practical issues and couple of unfortunate no shows, but a big round of applause to all of the participants and the audience members.”

Champion’s Duel Day 1

The venue for the tournament is Skara Brae Faire Grounds (Felucca). If you don’t know where that is then go behind the Ranger’s hut. If you don’t know where that is either then there will be a gate available from…

Spring Bazaar ’09 Credits

Robert the Ranger, writes, “It is the day after the Spring Bazaar at the Faire Grounds! I am still recovering from indulgences of the past night but before anything else is said and done it is time to give credit where it is due!”

Mesanna’s Reading by the Widow

As the Spring bazaar came to an end, the shop keepers and the general crowd made their way back home. Yet the fortune teller’s stall was still buzzing with activity for an ancient one had blessed us with her presence.

Spring Bazaar Registrations

We have had a fair amount of reservations so far, although there are still quite a few open spots. Please talk to Robert the Ranger, Lady Wildstar, or Lady Oriana if you would like to reserve a slot!

Champions Duel

Lady Aino Nystad, announcing the tournament of the champions, writes, “I come before you with an announcement of great import. As the new captain of the royal guards, the responsibility of the safety of our realm falls upon my shoulders. As we face multitude of challenges looking down upon us, it is of no surprise that the general moral has taken a beating.”

Spring Bazaar ’09

An announcement comes from Robert The Ranger regarding a Spring Bazaar that is to be held on this Sunday (March 15th) starting at 6:00 PM PST.