Month: May 2009

Thief master of Britain

*cough* *cough* You seek to know about the thief master of Britain, eh? *chuckles while suppressing another bout of cough* Well, lad, you have came to the right spot! Who better to tell you of the current thief master than…

Town Guard Headquarters

“Is the deed done?” “It is, Captain! This communication device is unparalleled in its design and ahead of our time! It will serve the town guards well.” Captain Nystad smiles as she nods. Taking a step back, she gazes again…

A Call to Arms

Brave warriors and guardsmen! I am sure you are all aware of recent happenings underneath Britain. When our beloved capital was nearly overwhelmed from below!

Change in schedule

Title: Something foul reeks in the Sewer – 2 Location: Britain Sewers Start Time: 20:30 PST Date: 2009-05-15 End Time: 22:00 PST The event has been moved from Saturday afternoon to Friday evening.

Royal Guard Report

Royal Guard Report Upon the captain’s directive, a team of Royal Guards was dispatched to the sewers to investigate and scout ahead. But when they did not report back at the agreed upon time, over 12 hours ago and counting,…