Month: July 2013


Grindylow has a fantastic idea for a gift for the King! She needs your help! Can she pull it off? Knowing Grindylow, she’ll need reinforcements! Event: MonkeyShines Date: 7/20/13 Time: 7pm PST Meet: West Brit Bank, Tram **Safe Journeys!**

Paint the Town Orc

Looking into her cabinet,Grindy noticed she was very low on Mongbat Ears. “Time to make a trip to Vesper to Provisioner’s shop” she thought to herself.” I’ll check with Boric at the provisioner’s to see if the shipment of Mongbat…

Governors Council Meeting to be Held

King Blackthorn has called a meeting with the Governors. Time: 7pm pst Date: 7/5/13 Where: Meeting Room at Castle Blackthorn. The public is invited to attend!

July Events !

7/5/13- Meeting of the Governors council with the Crown-7pm Pst Meeting will be held at Castle Blackthorn in the meeting room. 7/6/13- Forge Wars! -Awards Hall in Malas- 7pm pst-Sign up your Smith and enter the forge Wars! Details posted.…