Month: August 2015

The Element of Airt

Get ready to help find the 4th element needed to bring Grindylow back from her wraith form! When: 8/29/15 Time: 7pm pst Meet: The Ancient Monk at WBB!

Event Tonight!- 8/22/15- The Diamond of Despair

Reminder!! Event tonight! We go in search of the 4th gem needed by Hawkwind! 7pm pst Meet at Skara Brae Community Center! There will be a gate from West Brit Bank and Luna to Community Center! Please park your pets…

The Diamond of Despair

The fourth gem has been said to have been located! Help is needed to gather it! Event: The Despair Diamond of Ilshenar Date: 8/22/15 Time: 7pm pst Meet: Shamino at West Britain Bank

Reckoning with the Sultan

The Sultan of Nu’Jelm has sent his henchmen Pirates on their way to the port cities of Britannia. He musted be reckoned with and soon! Event: Reckoning with the Sultan Date: 8/15/15 Time: 7pm pst Meet: West Britain Bank

August Event Schedule!

August Event Schedule!! 8/8/15- Governors Council Meeting- 7pm pst 8/15/15- Reckoning with the Sultan- 7pm pst-meet WBB’ 8/22/15- TBA 8/29/15- The Element of Airt- 7pm pst- Meet at WBB

Governors Council Meeting

Governor’s Council Meeting When: 8/8/15 Time: 7pm pst Where: Council Room Blackthorns Castle All Citizens invited to attend!