Month: September 2015

Event Schedule Change! Please Read!

Greetings.. Due to circumstances (‘toopid rl work schedule) The event : The Time Gate, is being moved to Sunday Sept 27th at 6pm pst. I apologize for any inconviences in scheduling around your other planned events.

Capt’n Armondo Here

Ahoy Mates!! Capt’n Armondo here. I say lets be havin a Scalis hunt! Yon ole Lobster be terrorizin’ me seas again! Plan to meet at New Magincia Docks on 9/19/15 when the clock strikes 7 bells! Let’s show this old…

Rest of September Events

Bit late but heres the rest of the month in Events! 9/19/15- Scalis Hunt with Captain Armondo- 7pm pst. New Magincia Docks 9/25/15- The Time Gate- 7pm pst..Meet TBA 9/26/15- The Final Element of Life- 7pm pst- Meet at WBB!

From the Core of the Earth

Event From the Core of the Earth Rock trolls have overtaken the monster infested mines through the gate, and are sapping the land of resources, as well as rendering the region inhospitable to travelers, adventurers, and miners who carve their…

Pet Battles -n- Governors Meeting!

Ok Ok..I know its September.but those White Wryms need to battle!! Pet Battles Saturday Sept 5 Time: 6pm pst New Haven Arena Governors Meeting following Pet Battles 7pm pst Council Room Blackthorns Castle