Month: April 2017

The Red Army Resurgence – Wednesday April 26th, 7PM PST

The Red Goblin Army that was routed at the battle of Skara Brae has regrouped, and is now laying siege to Trinsic! Please join your fellow citizens to help break the blockade! (Or join your fellow goblins to cause mayhem)

The Red Army Resurgence

A visibly weary Richardson slowly made his way across the bridge at the entrance to Castle Blackthorn. At times, the halberd he was carrying was keeping him propped upright as he made his way further into the courtyard. He paused…

The Darkest Shadow Part II

“Ugh, I always hate this part, Francis…” Said Jayce as he eyed the dagger that his friend was offering him. With a sigh, he accepted the blade and a moment later he pierced the flesh of his victim. He ran…