Seeds of rebellion

Ursula watched as the thief master paced next to the table in a small room deep below the city of Britain. Last she was here, they had planned a bold move of sabotaging the alliance of Lord Casca and Gideon. However, that had failed miserably and now Lord Casca was stronger than ever.

As she watched the thief master, she could almost see the schemes being hatched in his mind. There were many questions that needed to be answered… events to be discussed.. but she did not dare to speak first…

Thief master: *halts and turns towards Ursula* As we suspected, Lord Casca is behind the mercenary attacks.

Ursula: *thumps her hand on the table* This is unacceptable! Hiring of mercenaries to do his dirty work is unbecoming for the person meant to replace Lord British.

Thief master: *nods* Our worst fears are coming to life.

Ursula: *scans through the scroll in front of her* Kingdom of Dawn, City of Avalon, Heaven’s Forge,… those names fit with your theory, master thief. But, Dark Tower, Cartel, and that snob of a baron?

Thief master: *shrugs* Perhaps, the lord has gone stark mad. Perhaps, they are all pieces of a greater plan that we have not unraveled yet or maybe, it is all meant to be a distraction.

Ursula: You provide few answers today, thief master. Tell me, have your spies not discovered anything?

Thief master: *looks grim* This war is slowly bleeding its targets. Sure, they have defended their territory well but rumors circulate of bigger attacks planned against the rebels.

Ursula: *leans forward*

Thief master: If my sources are true, then this very night there will be two major attacks launched; one in Trammel and another in Felucca. An attack that might very well overwhelm any resistance the rebels can muster.

Ursula: *looks gravely* Is there anything we can do to help?

Thief master: *smiles slightly* There is little that can be done to help the rebels at this stage. They will… have to learn to band together and seek aid… or be stripped of their holdings. But, if this is to end well, we will have to play our part as well.

Ursula: What do you suggest?

Thief master: We need to weaken Casca’s grip on power by fermenting rebellion at a larger scale. And this cannot happen without providing an alternative to the throne.

This is what I propose. First, we must…

Event Announcement

Location: Two of the six black gates

When: Attacks will begin shortly after 8:00 PM PST, Friday July 3rd