Walkthrough of Blackrock Lab quest

This event took place the week before the dramatic escape of Aino Nystad. It was first advertised on here under the title “Tick! Tock!

Many of you solved the puzzle and sent in your reports. I am going to use one of your reports to write the walk-through for anyone who might not have been able to finish it.

The event started by saying “Task” to the thiefmaster, at which he told you to aid Kullervo in rescuing his sister, the former captain.

I asked Yosh the Town Guard if he had heard any rumors about the Nystads and he gave the following information:  

Kullervo Nystad was almost caught at Lycaeum!  He apparently fell asleep reading books!

On hearing this I headed to the Lycaeum located on Verity Island in search of further clues.  In the southwest corner of the library I found Merrick the Naturalist who gave the following information when asked about any current rumors he had heard:

(Rumors) There seems to be a growing interest in Finneus Crick’s study on Blackrocks!

(Finneus Crick)  Hmm..  there used to be an eccentric Geologist by that name, but this was before my time!

(Geologist)  Hmm, Aye!  Rocks.. Blackrock, specifically!  It is said he used to be a leading authority on it!

(Blackrock)  He believed that blackrock was the key to discovering the ancient secrets from the time of Zog!

(Zog) Come now!  I am too busy to charm you with fairy tales of the old world!

(Lab) Hmm. Aye!  It is said that Finneus established his own lab.  Likely near a source of blackrock!

(Study)  You can find a report of that study inside the library on top of one of the bookcase

I made a copy of this book then looked for others who may have had information on Finneus Crick and found Erwin the Naturalist in the southeast section of the library.  He provided the following information:

(Finneus Crick) Now that is a name I have not heard in a long time!  Do you have tidings from him or Jamie?

(Tidings)  *sigh* I searched for them for many years!  Him and his damned secret lab!

(Lab) Only thing I know about it is that it is somewhere in Felucca and [Continue]

(Continue) There was some talk about entrance to lab near lodes of Blackrock on both facets!

(Entrance) Knowing Finneus, it is probably protected by magic or encryption or both!

(Encryption) Eh!  I am not an expert on that matter.  Refer to Vigenere’s book on that subject in the library!

(Jamie)  The little girl who used to be with him… his niece, perhaps?

Just inside near Justin the Naturalist were two code books written by Vigenere.  I made copies of these books and placed them in my bank box for when I would need them later after I found the lab.

I remembered that a long time there were blackrock veins in the Lost Land where miners could find large pieces of blackrock, so I spent many, many hours searching both Felucca and Trammel until I found the entrance to the lab near the Ophidian Lair in Trammel.

There was a sign with the following information:

Finneus’ Lab:  To gain entry, use the KEY to Unlock GpWeBmWuGtWeBeWiGuW.


Here is a screenshot of the entrance found in Felucca:

On saying KEY near the Blackstone Induced Runestone a short distance away from the sign and translating the runic letters, I discovered the key word to be Scientia.

After using it on the encrypted word above and the information in Vigenere’s Code Books, the password Naturalis appeared and I was able to gain entry to the secret lab.

In the secret lab there were many interesting and unique items such as a blackrock staff that allows you to dye clothes, a blackrock coated anti-magus crystal and several books with information related to the research done in the lab.


Also in the lab was Jamie, Fenneus Lab Assistant and the skeleton of Finneus Crick on the floor.  When spoke to Jamie provided the following information:

(Hail) Get out! Get out!  You do not belong in here!  Wait till I tell my master!

(Master)  Finneus Crick, a living legend!  His studies of blackrock will change our lives forever!

(Blackrock)  Master believes that blackrock holds the key to discovering the secrets of zog’s civilization!

(Staff)  I finished it!  I finished it!  The gate is working again!  Everything will be alright now! *sobs*

(Dead) *slaps* How dare you!?  Master is not dead! Get out!

Poor Jamie, she must not see the skeleton of her master on the floor.

I keep coming back to the blackrock staff.  Perhaps cloth dyed with this may allow Captain Aino Nystad to escape her prison cart.  It certainly seems possible based on what was written in the one book, Finneus’ Journal by Finneus Creek.  It was certainly worth a try, so I left the lab using the functioning black moongate and returned with several pieces of clothing to dye with the staff.

After leaving the lab again, I headed to the Trammel Yew Court of Truth and tried to give Captain Nystad a blackrock staff dyed plain dress, which she accepted to my great surprise saying the following:  *raises her eyebrow*  I thank thee *casts a confused look at you*

I then whispered that she need to wear it and she replied with “*nods slowly* I think I understand, I will do so at an appropriate time!  *glances around*

Not wanting to arouse the suspicions of the guard on duty, I quickly left the scene hoping that my efforts would pay off.

I hope this information is helpful to you.


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