Hear ye, Hear ye!

Hear ye, Hear ye!

The usurper has met his maker, Lord Casca is no more!

Lady Dawn has directed that there be no chaos on the streets. To avoid mischief by any of Casca’s cronies, the following measures have been taken,

1) Officials loyal to Lord Casca have been removed from the ranks of power. Royal guard officers appointed by Casca have been asked to take a leave of absence and veteran Lord British loyalists have been asked to report for temporary services.

2) The Royal Council, hand picked by Lord Casca, has been disbanded. It’s members stand to face investigation about their part in the recent events. A search has been started to uncover the whereabouts of the one known as Trubo Saius.

3) Lady Nystad has been reinstated as Captain of the Royal guards and commander of the Town Guards. The Town Guards have been asked to double their vigil to keep the streets of Britain safe.

4) Kullervo Nystad has been asked to investigate strange reports coming from Fire Island.

5) All standing orders and charges against the independent kingdoms have been dropped and all existing battle plans scrapped.

This is a time to unite and put aside our differences to ensure a smooth transition into a more peaceful Britannia.

Order through virtue,

Lady Dawn


This communiqué has been brought to you by Elias Ashmole, Lady Dawn’s herald!

1 comment for “Hear ye, Hear ye!

  1. Aldagar Morr
    September 22, 2009 at 12:44 AM

    Will the glorious, and wise, and mighty, and courageous, and brave, and humble, and bold, and protector of the people, and spiritual guiding light, Lord Casca, the great uniter, be given a proper and public burial?

    (Perhaps this is now the proper time to gather support to alter he name of Britannia to Cascia in memory of our loving King)

    Aldagar Morr
    Self-proclaimed Prophet for King Casca

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