A quick note and a summary!

Just to give everyone a  heads up: In the coming weeks, we are looking at doing few simple yet (hopefully) fun events in Stygian Abyss to celebrate its launch.

Also, I would like to apologize in advance for any mix up at these events as the landmass and everything else that goes with it is extremely new for us as well!

Also, a brief summary for those who have not been able to attend the concluding events of War Of Shadows arc follows,

1) There was a massive battle in Britain Felucca between supporters of Platinum dragons on one side and Crimson Dragons and Shadowlord faction members on the other. Despite a heartfelt campaign by the few followers of SL, the Crimson dragons were defeated. As a penalty, the SL faction will suffer the loss of access to the secret room in their faction base.

2) The very next day, Lady Dawn led players against the Shadowlords beneath the Demon Temple on Fire Island where the three Shadowlords were vanquished after battling through dozens of manifestations. Lady Dawn recovered a ruby gem capable of harnessing the power of the sun itself – the very item that was being employed by the Shadowlords in their attempts to recreate the Gem of Immortality.

3) Lady Dawn confronted Lord Casca at a meeting called by Casca. He was given a chance to surrender but he chose to capture Dawn and the ruby she possessed. In the ensuing fight, Dawn destroyed the ruby which surprisingly caused Lord Casca’s death on the spot. Alas, the ever so loyal Bartalbe, Lord Casca’s popular dog, passed away few days after from the loss of his master.

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