Matters of the throne

Sitting in front of a mirror, Dawn reflected upon the events of the past several days. She had not expected things to turn this way. It was always her intention to rebuild her cottage in Yew and retire after Casca had been defeated. However, a part of her also knew that it is never simple when it comes to matters of the throne.

Now that Casca had been defeated, her camp had turned into a make-shift capital of the political landscape of the kingdom. It witnessed a constant queue of nobles wishing to meet her. It disgusted her how many of them were willing to install her as a queen, often with a misguided notion that she could be manipulated simply because she was a woman. While others with more lofty ambitions and standing sought her alliance for their own star.

She sighed as she heard another set of feet shuffling in, but soon it was replaced with a smile when she saw who it was. If there was one positive aspect to this entire situation, then it was the friendship she had been able to cultivate with Aino Nystad.

Dawn: Ahh, Aino! I feared that you were yet another haughty lord seeking to provide guidance.

Aino: Casca and Bartalbe’s remains have been sent for a proper burial as requested, m’lady. *pauses* If I may say so, your reluctance to take charge will only encourage the vultures!

Dawn: Not you, as well! By the virtues,  I have no desire to be the queen!

Aino: Perhaps, the virtues require you to sacrifice your desires.  *smiles sadly*

Dawn: Sacrifice… *sighs*

Aino: You know, as well as me, how volatile an empty throne can be. I urge you to set aside your reluctance, m’lady!

Dawn: *frowns* What about the people? Why should they accept me, or anyone else, as their leader?

Aino: You enjoy the support of not only the royal guards, but also most of the citizens. Your past deeds have earned you that much. *nods*

Aino: It is true that many will not embrace you with open arms yet. The wounds inflicted by Casca remain fresh. But, I suspect that they will give you a fair chance.

Dawn looked aside, as her hand started to brush her own hair. It was then that she discovered that, in her heart, she agreed with Aino. But, yet she remained hesitant. Few moments later, a smile ran across her face as she realized that there was no turning back now.

Dawn: I agree with your words, Aino. But I have a pledge and a condition.

Aino: m’lady? *raises her eyebrow*

Dawn: First, a pledge between two friends. *draws her breath*

Dawn: If Lord British were to ever return to our lands, I pledge upon my honor to step aside. *pauses as she feels a weight lifted from her shoulders simply by the act of saying those words*

Dawn: As for my condition… You, Lady Nystad, will oversee the coronation.

Aino: *gasps* m’lady, that would prove to be quite a scandal! My family has no status. Surely, you can find a noble of an appropriate lineage.. a paladin of Trinsic, perhaps?

Dawn: *shakes her head* I have made up my mind. I do not care for the political implications of this move. You, and your brother, have proven your loyalty to the people of Britannia. Not only that, but you have gained my trust and friendship. That should count for more than bloodlines.

Aino: *kneels down shaking* It would be my utmost honor to serve you… my queen!

Event Announcement

Sunday 20th, 3:00 PM PST

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

A new era begins as the new sun rises! All friends and well-meaning folks are welcome to the throne room in Lord British’s castle this Sunday afternoon. Come watch Lady Dawn take a pledge to serve Sosaria. Come and listen to your new queen!

Lady Aino Nystad, commander of the Town Guards, has requested that any Town Guards available be present in proper uniform and decorum.

Elias Ashmole,

Lady Dawn’s Herald

2 comments for “Matters of the throne

  1. Dar (TOT)
    September 20, 2009 at 11:11 AM

    Hail Folks,

    Events are moving fast … perhaps to fast! Lady Dawn, once Knight-Errant then Knight of the Realm, who answered the call in time of great need may now become Queen of Britannia.

    Yet another, claiming to be Wife and Widow of our Lord and King Cantabrigian British, may also lay claim to Crown and Throne. This claim has yet to be verified or disproven. Dare we proceed before resolving this claim?

    Lady Aino Nystad advises well that a Paladin of Trinsic would make a wise choice, were choices being made, be it for King, Adviser, or merely for a source of arms in time of Royal need. However, is a choice indeed being made, or is Truth merely being sought?

    For my part, I council only that the Virtues be our Guide. Even Lord British had enemies, and friends, who sought and threatened his Crown. Yet universally, the vast majority of the people hailed his Rule and happily and loyally called him King.

    Lady Dawn passes one great test, in that she initially sought not this Crown, and acknowledges the hope of many people that Lord British is indeed yet alive, and will one day return. She acknowledges his Right of Return and Right of Rule.

    She who calls herself, Widow, and now of late, the Lady British appears to have abandoned the greatest hope of the people.

    Still we have two claims upon the Throne. And we have “independent kingdoms” asserting independence more strongly than ever before.

    Civil strife, even civil war, must not be allowed to arise. Too many have died already.

    Let Haste not trample Wisdom! Let Truth, Love, and Courage once again temper our actions, and our passions, and let the Virtues flowing from them, chart our future’s Together!

    Lord Elladan, Legendary Paladin of Trinsic

    • September 20, 2009 at 5:39 PM

      Not to burst your bubble but the suggestion was for who should oversee the coronation.

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