Recovering Stolen Wisdom – Writing contest

As you might have already heard, sets of books were recovered pertaining to the following topics,

  1. Gargish Society
  2. Gargish Virtues
  3. Gargish Philosophy
  4. Gargish Folklore
  5. Fiction related to Ter Mur
  6. Fiction related to Underworld
  7. Fiction related to the Abyss

These books are to be delivered to Lycaeum as a sign of Human-Gargoyle friendship. Now, you are invited to write up to two books on on any of these topics and the chosen books will be made part of the collection. Each book must be no longer than what may fit in two blue books or one of the new 100 page craftable books (Please give 2 copies in case you use the craftable ones). The deadline for this will be October 13th, 2009.


1) All of the books are supposed to have been translated into English already. So, don’t use Gargish. A little bit is okay, here and there! Be creative!

2) Strongly encourage you to write it in notepad or word etc. You can always copy/paste that in the books in game. That way you can send the text to us via contact us link and I can post it on the website for everyone to read.

3 comments for “Recovering Stolen Wisdom – Writing contest

  1. Ceno
    October 7, 2009 at 2:51 AM

    Just so I understand….
    you want us to pick a topic from the above list and then write a story, correct?
    our own story?

    • EMSeppo
      October 7, 2009 at 7:15 AM


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