Here Ye! Here Ye!

Looking up from her desk as she hears the knock on her chamber doors, Queen Dawn bades the messenger to enter.
Bowing deeply, the messenger extends his hand in which is a rolled parchment.
“M’Lady, the Town Guards have asked that I deliver this post haste. Quite important they said”
Taking the parchment, she unrolls it and starts to read and her eyes grow wide. Not taking her eyes off the words she tells the messenger he may take his leave.
Slowly she re-rolls the parchment and layes it upon her desk. Getting up from her chair, she walks over to the window and gazes out towards the West Bank of Britain……Turning she calls for the royal scribe.. “Send word out to the cities as fast as you can.. Tell them….”

(OCC) The citizens of the realm are asked to Meet with Queen Dawn on March 2nd at 7:30 PST (10:30 EST) in the Throne room of the Palace to discuss the happenings going on in Britain involing the Dark Mesanna , Yattering and the Goblins.