Notice: Reward books

If you received a green book from a mob at yesterday’s event and have not redeemed it yet, then please send us an email with your book number,  character name, and a house location if you have one where the book is  locked down.

Also, you can look for Mesanna at Brit bank and give the book directly to her to claim your reward.

P.S. we have means to check if the book is the one that we created, so don’t get creative! 🙂

1 comment for “Notice: Reward books

  1. Grey Eagle
    March 9, 2010 at 4:46 PM

    Hi, Well i didn’t get a book, but Mesanna said she might have something for me anyway for being at every stage of the event.
    Thanks for the fun it really was an adventure in UO .
    Grey Eagle/Aragon/Kaleb/Madeline

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