Down a rabbit-hole…

I almost wish I hadn’t gone down that rabbit-hole – and yet- and yet- it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life! – Alice

Faine cursed as she rode through the woods donning a cloak darker than her mount. Everything was falling apart, all her plans coming to naught. Ever since the failure to take over Orobas’ castle, it had been one ill-fated news followed by another.

Now, with her alliesĀ  charged with conspiracy and treason – dragged in front of a common court, she was shunned by even those who might have otherwise held sympathy towards her cause. Even at the spring festival, she was mocked and laughed at. Only one, Lady Kat, spoke in favor.

The hooded stranger had lost her aura and appeal.

It was clear that unless she acted in a manner that would aid her supporters, she would be left with little credibility and even fewer cards.

These were the thoughts that went through her head as she reached her destination, Yew Court of Truth. Quietly slipping in, she took a seat in the back, maintaining a low profile. Scanning the room she saw some familiar faces, mostly of foolish Gargish supporters. She sighed as she judged Erlington, the presiding judge, to be not the corrupt type. She was running out of ideas!

It was only at the end of the proceedings of that day, she noticed Erlington calling out for the girl whose name she had learned earlier to be Alice.

Must be his daughter!

As she watched the father and daughter embracing each other, the wheels started turning in her mind.

Could this be done? And would it work? Hmmm…

And then all the pieces fell in place when Alice ran off saying, “Alright I’m off to find the hatter again”.

Faine almost betrayed herself as a short gasp escaped her mouth.

Could it be? It is not possible! But, how else?…

Standing up hurriedly, she slipped out of the courtroom with a twinkle in her eye, going down the direction in which the girl had wandered off…

Event Announcement

3:00 PM PST

Yew Court Of Truth

Note: Due to technical issues, you will only be able to start the quest today but not finish it. You will have to wait till Monday post-patch to be able to finish it. Although, by Sunday you will be able to do most of the quest.