Here Ye! Here Ye! New Prosecutor Announced!

In light of recent unforeseen events, Queen Dawn has appointed William McCarthy, Nujel’m based prosecutor, as the chief prosecutor to oversee the trial against Ravenshire and Dark Tower.

Prosecutor McCarthy has made the following Request:

All parties who assisted in reclaiming Orobas’ castle in the lost lands are summoned by the prosecutor for a short interview. The interview will take place at Town Guard garrison in Britain at 7pm (pst) on  Wednesday April 7th, year of our Queen. Please assist Prosecutor McCarthy by coming forward at this time. If anyone has any information of the whereabouts of anyone who assisted in the reclaiming of the castle, please inform them of the above summons.

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  1. Grey Eagle
    April 9, 2010 at 5:50 PM

    hi ,. you all know i was just trying to spice things up abit in court last night I hope 🙂

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