Trial log day 4

Acknowledgment: Logs and pictures kindly supplied by Cymidei Fier of Dark Tower

Day 3 trial logs

Prosecution calls witness Ayassa – representative for Spawners Inc
Ayassa: I beleive I was called as a witness
William McCarthy: *turns around*
Judge Erlington: Is Ayassa your witness?
Judge Erlington: Mr McCarthy?
William McCarthy: Hmm, Ayassa are you a representative for one of the guilds?
Judge Erlington: *checks notes*
Ayassa: aye SI
William McCarthy: Aha, excellent.
Judge Erlington: You wish to proceed?
William McCarthy: Then, I have atleast one witness – sire
William McCarthy: *nods*
Judge Erlington: Very well
Girl Scout Edith: *raises hand*
William McCarthy: The prosecution would like to call the reprsentative of Spawners Inc.
William McCarthy: as a witness
Judge Erlington: Please approach the bench
Judge Erlington: and be seated
Judge Erlington: to take oath
Judge Erlington: Do you take oath, that what you are about to say is the truth
Judge Erlington: as you know it and it shall be held as valid testimony in this court?
Ayassa: I do
Judge Erlington: You may begin
William McCarthy: Erm, just a question before I begin
Ayassa: aye
Judge Erlington: Yes?
William McCarthy: Is the defense represented?
William McCarthy: *looks to his side*
Cymidei Fier: I will represent the defense.
Judge Erlington: Very well
Cymidei Fier: My colleagues have been detained
William McCarthy: *nods*
William McCarthy: Hail!
William McCarthy: *smiles*
Ayassa: Hail
: Ayassa says: Hail
Ayassa: *smiles*
William McCarthy: Could you kindly state your name and status to the court?
Ayassa: Si Diplomat and RC2
William McCarthy: *nods*
William McCarthy: Ayassa
William McCarthy: what is the relationship of your guild towards gargoyles?
Ayassa: we are nuetral
William McCarthy: Has your guild being threatened for their stance towards gargoyles?
Ayassa: Yes, we have
William McCarthy: What nature of a threat?
Ayassa: threats in the form of ugky things left in front of our guild house
Ayassa: err ugly
William McCarthy: *nods*
William McCarthy: Is it also not true that assassins have been sent?
Ayassa: I have not seen assains myself sir
William McCarthy: Hmm
William McCarthy: *frowns*
Judge Erlington: *jots down notes*
William McCarthy: One last question
William McCarthy: Were you present at the battle for Orobas’ castle?
Ayassa: oh yes
William McCarthy: *points towards the defense*
William McCarthy: Was Lady Cymidei Fier present there as well?
William McCarthy: *steps closer*
Ayassa: That I can not be positive of sir
Count De’Floob: AAAH! It feels like someone kicked me in the teeth!
William McCarthy: mmm
William McCarthy: The castle.. do you remember..
Ayassa: Things were seen in ummm grey scale that day =)
William McCarthy: who was it taken over by?
Ayassa: as far as I can remember member of M!S were in the castle
William McCarthy: err
William McCarthy: Very well
You see:  Lord Sid Vicious
William McCarthy: I do not have anymore questions for the witness
William McCarthy: Thank you!
William McCarthy: *smiles*
William McCarthy: *steps back*
Ayassa: *smiles*
: Ayassa says: *smiles*
William McCarthy: Hmm

Defense cross-examines witness Ayassa

Judge Erlington: Defense
Judge Erlington: you may cross exam
William McCarthy: *scratches his head*
Cymidei Fier: Ayassa
Ayassa: Hail Cynidei
Cymidei Fier: Hello
Ayassa: *smiles*
Cymidei Fier: At the Battle for the Castle of Orobas, after the area was secured
Cymidei Fier: Was any evidence found linking the Purity League to any sort of illegal activity?
Ayassa: No, not that I am aware of
Cymidei Fier: No further questions your honor.
Judge Erlington: If no other questions
Judge Erlington: You may step down Ayassa
Ayassa: thank you

Prosecution Calls Witness Sid Vicious

William McCarthy: Erm
William McCarthy: The prosecution would like to call Sid Vicious
William McCarthy: *looks around*
Sid Vicious: *stands*
Judge Erlington: Please apprach the Bench Sid Visious
Judge Erlington: and be seated
Judge Erlington: for oath
Judge Erlington: Do you take oath, that what you are about to say is the truth
Judge Erlington: as you know it and it shall be held as valid testimony in this court?
Sid Vicious: aye
Judge Erlington: proceed
William McCarthy: Hail!
Sid Vicious: greetings
William McCarthy: Could you state your name and status to the court?
Sid Vicious: I am Sid Vicious royal War Wizard of Dawn
William McCarthy: *nods*
William McCarthy: Sid Vicious, it has came to my attention that
William McCarthy: you know a thing or two about the Purity League
Sid Vicious: *looks around*….. aye
William McCarthy: And how is it that you come to know this?
Sid Vicious: I attended a secrete meeting while undercover
William McCarthy: *smiles*
You see:  Andy the Keeper of Records
William McCarthy: A secret meeting, you say?
William McCarthy: How is it that you come to know of this meeting?
Sid Vicious: cloak and dagger sorts
Sid Vicious: they were recruiting for memebers
William McCarthy: Someone recruited you?
Sid Vicious: yes…. though he is not here
William McCarthy: Could you state his name
Sid Vicious: Morr
William McCarthy: Aldagar Morr of Ravenshire?
Judge Erlington: *makes note of statement*
Sid Vicious: aye….. he be the same
William McCarthy: *looks at the jury*
William McCarthy: *smiles*
William McCarthy: Could you tell the jury how this meeting came about?
William McCarthy: Where did you meet and any other details
William McCarthy: that you might recall..
William McCarthy: *paces*
Judge Erlington: Please answer the question Mr Vicious..
Sid Vicious: well the defendent, Cymidie was there…*points
William McCarthy: *eyes widen*
Sid Vicious: her
William McCarthy: Was she?
Sid Vicious: myself…. Morr…. Hilda
Sid Vicious: and a hooded strnger
Judge Erlington: *dips quill and makes note of new statement*
William McCarthy: Where was this meeting held?
Sid Vicious: we were sent from public gate to gate
Sid Vicious: finally ending in Skara
William McCarthy: The meeting was held in Skara Brae?
Sid Vicious: we then ran from there to the cross road of Broit
Sid Vicious: Brit
Sid Vicious: then….
Sid Vicious: we were gated to Ravenshire…. and Morr Manor
Sid Vicious: that’s where it took place
William McCarthy: The meeting …took place inside Mr. Morr’s house?
Sid Vicious: aye…. Morr Manor
William McCarthy: What was discussed at this meeting?
Sid Vicious: they need some kind of large financing
William McCarthy: Large financing..? For?
Sid Vicious: and wanted to deface gargoyles
William McCarthy: *nods*
William McCarthy: How did they plan to get this financing?
Sid Vicious: that I can not say….*looks at Cymidei*
Cymidei Fier: *glares at Sid*
William McCarthy: you cannot say?
Sid Vicious: uhhh um…. don’t know
Judge Erlington: I remind you Mr are under speak the truth
Sid Vicious: well….
Sid Vicious: Cymidei quickly recognized me in my disguise
Sid Vicious: they wanted to test my loyalty
Sid Vicious: said I would have to KILL the prince of Dawn, Raian
Sid Vicious: I had to escape fast
William McCarthy: They wanted you to murder someone?
Cymidei Fier: Preposterous!
Sid Vicious: Aye
Sid Vicious: make it look like Gargoyles did it
William McCarthy: *nods*
William McCarthy: Thank you!
William McCarthy: I have no more questions!
Defense cross-examines witness Sid Vicious

Judge Erlington: Defense you may cross exam the witness….
Cymidei Fier: Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious: aye
Cymidei Fier: You state that you wore a disguise to this meeting
Sid Vicious: aye
Cymidei Fier: Did anyone else present wear a disguise?
Sid Vicious: aye…. the three of us that ran from Skara…. Hilda and Morr
Sid Vicious: and me
Cymidei Fier: What kind of disguises were worn?
Sid Vicious: at cross roads you wore yours
Cymidei Fier: The witness has not answered the question
Sid Vicious: the other two werew common fishers
Sid Vicious: I was a Mage from the great North
Cymidei Fier: What disguise do you allege I wore?
Sid Vicious: you came as a “Gargoyle”
Cymidei Fier: So you saw a gargoyle at the meeting you thought was me?
Sid Vicious: no I saw you dressed as a Gargoyle
Cymidei Fier: How can one dress as a “gargoyle”?
Sid Vicious: like me to show you?
Cymidei Fier: Go ahead
Sid Vicious: *walks*
Ayassa: lol
Cymidei Fier: A nice trick of magery Lord Vicious
Sid Vicious: simple slight of eye
Cymidei Fier: But how can you be sure?
Cymidei Fier: As to the others are you certain of their identities?
Cymidei Fier: Was anyone else present at the meeting?
Sid Vicious: the hooded strangers…. no clue
Sid Vicious: mayhaps more…. but don’t recall
William McCarthy: mmm
Cymidei Fier: You state that you do not recall?
Sid Vicious: of more people….no
Cymidei Fier: Yet you ask the court to believe that you saw fishermen and gargoyles
Cymidei Fier says: that you can identify with absolute certainty
Sid Vicious: you asked what I remembered…. I gave WHAT I remembered
Cymidei Fier: It seems your memory is very selective Lord Vicious.
William McCarthy: Objection – badgering the witness!
Cymidei Fier: I retract my statement from the record.
Judge Erlington: Please keep to questioning Lady
Cymidei Fier: I shall your honor
Judge Erlington: Please strike the comment from you notes jury
Judge Erlington: continute
Cymidei Fier: Lord Vicious what do you know of Aldagar Morr’s charitable work in Vesper and Minoc?
Sid Vicious: nothing
William McCarthy: Objection – Aldagar Morr can be brought to the stand to tell us about his charitable work
Cymidei Fier: I can show the relevence of the question your honor.
Judge Erlington: If you can show relevence continue
Cymidei Fier: According to written testimony from Mr. Morr.  He frequently raises money for charity work
Cymidei Fier: The meeting was to raise money for the children of Vesper wasn’t it Lord Vicious?
Sid Vicious: must I repeat myself?
Cymidei Fier: Lord Vicious
William McCarthy: Objection – witness has already stated what the meeting was for
Cymidei Fier: Are you aware that threats were made to Aldagarr Morr’s life and that he was assaulted by
Cymidei Fier: gargoyles.
Sid Vicious: *shrugs*….so
Cymidei Fier: No more questions for this witness your honor.
Judge Erlington: If no more may step down Mr Vicioous
Judge Erlington: Vicious*
Judge Erlington: Call your next witness Sir

Prosecution calls witness Girl Scout Edith – representative for Girl Scouts

William McCarthy: *turns around*
William McCarthy: Are there any other representatives present?
Girl Scout Edith: *raises hand*
William McCarthy: Hail
Girl Scout Edith: hi
William McCarthy: Is that it?
Judge Erlington: Girl Scout Edith..please approach the bench
William McCarthy: *nods*
Girl Scout Edith: *knees wobble*
Girl Scout Edith: *pushes open gate*
Judge Erlington: please enter and be seated
Judge Erlington: for oath
Judge Erlington: Do you take oath, that what you are about to say is the truth
Judge Erlington: as you know it and it shall be held as valid testimony in this court?
Girl Scout Edith: Yes Your Honor
Judge Erlington: Proceed sir
William McCarthy: Greetings
Girl Scout Edith: *looks frightened*
Girl Scout Edith: hi
William McCarthy: Could you state your name and status to the court?
Girl Scout Edith: Yes
Judge Erlington: Please do so ..*smile*
Girl Scout Edith: *nods*
Girl Scout Edith: My Name is Edith
Girl Scout Edith: and
Girl Scout Edith: I am the Troup Leader of Baja Girl Scout Troop 1
Urlik Fangborne [Rank Guard]: *claps*
William McCarthy: Welcome, Edith
Girl Scout Edith: Thank you Sir
Girl Scout Edith: I don’t know why I am here
Judge Erlington: *remeneces of Alice’s days in the scouts*
Girl Scout Edith: *looks scared*
William McCarthy: Edith what is the stance of your guild towards the gargoyles?
Girl Scout Edith: Oh Sir! We are so very curious about them.
Girl Scout Edith: They have beautiful wings
William McCarthy: *nods*
William McCarthy: *smiles*
Girl Scout Edith: They seem nice too
Girl Scout Edith: But
Girl Scout Edith: THey don’t like you to touch their wings
William McCarthy: *nods*
Girl Scout Edith: I learned that the hard way
William McCarthy: Has your guild been threatened for their friendly stance towards the gargoyles?
William McCarthy: *cuts her off*
Girl Scout Edith: No Sir
Girl Scout Edith: No one threatened us
William McCarthy: Are you certain of this?
Girl Scout Edith: Yes Sir
William McCarthy: According to my notes, there have been
William McCarthy: warnings left outside your charter house
Girl Scout Edith: Oh that.
Judge Erlington: *looks at notes to confer**
Girl Scout Edith: THere were books left outside the meeting house
William McCarthy: What sort of books?
Girl Scout Edith: but they were words of advise
Girl Scout Edith: and they just told us to stand up for the rights of the common folk
William McCarthy: regarding?
Girl Scout Edith: that was one book
Girl Scout Edith: there was another book too
Girl Scout Edith: it talked about how bad the gargoyles are
William McCarthy: *nods*
Girl Scout Edith: that was pretty much it
Girl Scout Edith: No threats were made!
William McCarthy: Thank you, no more questions for now.
Girl Scout Edith: Your welcome Sir

Defense cross-examines witness Girl Scout Edith

Judge Erlington: may cross exam
Girl Scout Edith: *fidgits on the hard chair*
Cymidei Fier: Girl Scout Edith
Cymidei Fier: How old are you?
Girl Scout Edith: *looks scared*
Girl Scout Edith: I am 10
Girl Scout Edith: 11 in a month
Cymidei Fier: Do you understand the difference between telling the truth and a lie?
Girl Scout Edith: Yes Ma’am
Girl Scout Edith: One is the right thing to do and the other is bad
Cymidei Fier: Is it true that Aldagarr Morr bought you and the other girl scouts ice cream and took you
Cymidei Fier: to the Zoo?
Girl Scout Edith: Yes he did.
Cymidei Fier: Did Aldagarr Morr try to hurt you or tell you to hurt the gargoyles?
Girl Scout Edith: No Ma’am. He wouldn’t do that
Girl Scout Edith: he is nice
Cymidei Fier: Thank you Girl Scout Edith.
Cymidei Fier: No further questions your honor.
William McCarthy: *frowns*
Girl Scout Edith: You’re welcome Ma’am
Judge Erlington: If no further may step down Edith
Girl Scout Edith: THank you Your Homor
Girl Scout Edith: *runs*
Judge Erlington: Mr McCarthy…any further witness’
William McCarthy: Sire, prosecution has no more witnesses to call for today!
Judge Erlington: Very well
Judge Erlington: I motion that this court be recessed
Girl Scout Edith: *whispers: he helped us plant our flowers too. How could someone bad do that?*
Judge Erlington: until the 15th of april