Thinly Veiled Threats

Looking up at the knock on his chambers door, Judge Erlington bade the messenger to enter. The messenger entered and stood wide eyed at the books, papers, and scrolls that were heaped upon the Judge’s desk. “What is it man? Can’t you see I’m busy?” the Judge barked. “My pardon’s Sire, I have been dispatched with an urgent message from the Queen” he replied. The messenger placed the scroll in the Judge’s out stretched hand. Bowing the messenger took his leave.

Unrolling the scroll, Judge Erlington began to read. Soon a marked frown appeared on his forehead. His cheeks puffed out and a huge *HRUMP* came forth from his lips as he began pacing back and forth in his chambers. Muttering and waving his arms at the only other soul in the room, his pet magpie, Frody.”The Queen sends word of threats made, Frody, threats against the courts and myself!” he muttered. “Stop the trial…declare a mis-trial…Bah!” “You will be grievously hurt if not…” “Poppycock!” the judge yelled. “I’ll no more do that than Elias Ashmole would fight a Stygian dragon! This trial will continue!”

Going back around to his desk, adjusting his spectacles, Judge Erlington picked up his quill to resume his work. Glancing towards the scroll lying at the corner of his desk, the Judge slowly reached out and picked it up again.Thoughts of the continued trial for this Saturday ran through his mind. A worried frown creased his forehead. “What if…..”