The Prophecies foretold…

Pacing back and forth in her chambers, Dawn looked perplexed.

“This note from Zhah….death to the gargoyle race…need to find Beh-lem… Scared scroll…” she muttered to herself.

Walking to the window she gazed out at the busy streets bustling below her. Human, Elf, and Gargoyle alike walked the streets. Hawking their wares, yelling loudly across the bustle. Turning, she spoke to her most trusted advisor, Elias Ashmole. ” Elias what does this mean? This note..” handing it to him.

Elias read over the note, his eyes widening. “Oh my word, Milady, does this mean what I think it does?”

“Yes Elias, If what Zhah says is true, We must find Beh-Lem, and speak to him about a Scared Scroll, so that it can be found and be translated .” Dawn said quietly.” If not found..then havoc will reign and the gargoyle race will be no more”

Elias looked at his Queen. She stood with a far away expression on her face. Softly she spoke telling Elias the story she often had heard as her days of a Paladin .

” There was a man , a member of the most secretive thieves guild, He was rumored to have known of the Scroll. Rumor has it members of his guild have pieces of a  map..Four in all. Each sworn to hold the tattered remnant safe until a time when they are needed. When placed together, the tattered pieces will reveal  where the Scroll lies. But each member holds it dear and certain things must be done, or they will not tell you where the piece of map lies.Only the Prophecies of the Scroll will tell how to avert the destroying of the gargoyle race.”

” I thought this was just a old paladin tale, Elias, talk around the table at the tavern over a cold ale. Now I fear it is not.
The tale is coming true.”

With her gaze once more out the window, Dawn spoke again. “Make ready our armies, Elias, call the people to arms, Human,Elf, and Gargoyle alike. Have them stand ready for when Beh-lem is located. I fear great battles are to be had!”
“Yes Milady, I shall put out the call immediately!” Elias stated as he started to rush out the door.
“Elias!” the Queen called as she bade him  wait, “Dispatch also a unit to locate Beh-lem, He is the key to the Scroll..for it is only he that can translate it.” “As so ordered Milady!” he said as he left the room.
Dawn walked from the room and out from the Palace..towards her one place of comfort to speak to her old friend.
“Aino, my friend, how I do miss you”, she said as she touched the memorial, “Times like these I need your wisdom and guidance.”

Dawn stood quietly, her head bowed in thought,as a single tear coursed down her cheek. Then a strong determined look washed over Dawn’s face. “Yes Aino, this too we shall overcome…I must go, time must not be wasted…If there is more to this than a myth, then we have to find the members guarding the maps...”


Each week players will have to find a new member of the thieves guild who will then direct them on how to obtain the next piece of map. The event, when it begins, will consist of two parts each week:

1) Finding one of the thief guild member and,

2) Acting upon his direction once found.

Finishing part 1 successfully will gain you +1 notoriety point with the thief master of Britain. You can check the current notoriety point of your character as described here.