The Thieves Tale…

Many moons ago, a guild was formed. A guild of thieves so secretive that they remained relatively unknown to the inhabitants of the realm. The thieves were of all manners, men and women, pirates,tavern maids, crafters…it did not matter their profession as long as their fingers were nimble and quick.The thieves walked the realm as everyday folk. Only to those who knew the secret code word, spoken causally, wouldst know that another of this guild were about and was time for a heist of purse, ship, or what ever caught their fancy on that day.

On one such night, four of the guild was meeting. Hiding themselves in the darkest part of the troubled underworld. Much fighting had gone on there and devastation was near. The thieves thought they might have the chance to relieve the weary soldiers of their purse or armaments on this day. Much to their surprise a haggard old gargoyle, wings jagged and blooded stumbled into their midst. His robes were torn and ragged, yet regal still. They were quick to see this old gargoyle was one of importance in his race.

“What be ye wanting” one of the pirate’s spoke up.
Not a word did the old one say, just reached into his tattered robe and took out a folded piece of linen. Looking at the thieves one by one, he spoke.

“Within this linen lies the secret to found. It will fore tell where a sacred scroll lies hidden. This scroll will be needed in time to come, for you are witnessing only the first of the evil that has been brought about. Be you thieves, but honor amongst you have, to you I entrust this knowledge.”

Taking the linen in his two hands, the old gargoyle rendered it into four pieces. To each of the four he handed a piece.

“I give you but a part of the map to hold. Keep it safe until one who is wise and strong has come. Only he will be able to know where the scroll lies by the map when pieced together.You will know this one by  the ancient ankh pendant he wears.  Give me your promise humans, that you will keep this safe until that time.  Promise now, for I am at my end” he said as he slumped to the cave floor.

Looking at each other, the thieves took their vow for they sensed the importance of the task. They would keep the tatters hidden and secret until the time of which the one spoken of  would come.

Leaving that night, they  went their way, ne’er to gather together again. Each took the map piece and hid it well, hidden until the time came that the evil began once more.


(Week 1, Part 1, Time to complete event 5 days)

Event Date: Sunday, May 16th

Event Time: 6:00 pm PST

Meeting Place: Throne room of Britannia Castle

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  1. May 15, 2010 at 1:32 PM

    *Looks around his neck* I knew trhat this necklace would mean something one day. It is time for me to gather the Family and forgo this quest

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