Prophecies Foretold Part 3.2

Jacko was a sinister old man, wily and secretive.A hard life he had endured, from the days of his youth spent as a talented carpenter by day and thief by night. He had stolen more than his share of goods and even still in this aged time of life, took no remorse in relieving someone of their purse and coin .

He spent his day’s curled up in sleep surrounded by many bags, crates and chests, laden with pillaged goods, and his nights roaming  the villages and dungeons. He would slip into a house if it were open and rummage through any unlocked chests or pouches he found. Taking what he wanted, which usually  meant emptying the chest out. In dungeons he would wait hidden for the unwary warrior to be taken down by what ever he choose to fight and then while the warrior stood hapless as a ghost, he would loot any treasure remaining on the corpse. Any that knew him, had no kind words to say of him. It had never been proven that Jacko was a thief.

Many thought he was quite mad,  just a mean crotchy old crazy man to those that did come in contact with him. Jacko cared not in the least what others thought of him, for they spoke partly in truth, he was not the same man as he was before the night in which he had encountered the old the Abyss.
Given the responsibility of keeping a map fragment safe, he had drove himself to near madness thinking what evil the map must hold truth too, and how he thought others were always trying to steal it.
He had heard word of the Gargoyle ,Beh-lem, who was trying to find the map fragments given to the 4 many years ago. Two were reported to have been found so far.
“Bah, if they think they ginna gets me piece o tha map that easy, they gots another thought comin’ ” He snarled. “They gonna have to prove they well worth it and be the right ones to get it”
Jacko was sure he had covered his tracks well. Not many knew of him now, and less knew where he took his slumber.
“Twill be a hard task trackin these old bones down”, he snarled. ” I trusts no one..not even you, you mangy mutt! ” he said as he looked down at the cur dog lying at his feet.

The dog looked up at his master with a knowing look in his eyes. As he sat preparing for his nightly venture into the villages while the townsfolk slept, Jacko  looked down at the dog and a small smile tipped the corners of his mouth. Adjusting the worn collar around the dogs neck, and scratching the dog behind the ears, Jacko laughed softly.
” Come Scamp, lets be on our way, We ‘ave alot to do tonight, and I not be talkin no thiefin either.” he said to the dog. ” Let’s jest see ‘ow hard we can make it for them folk to find us!” he cackled.
Looking at his master, Scamp rose to his four feet, shook himself ,stretched, and then followed Jacko out the door into darkness……

5 comments for “Prophecies Foretold Part 3.2

  1. Anonymous
    July 5, 2010 at 6:45 PM

    i thought jacko was dead…

  2. Bucko the Kid
    July 15, 2010 at 8:10 PM

    This was tough! Tough but good!
    Can I adopt Scamp please? I promise I will be good to him. There is nothing sadder than a pup who lost his Master.

    Thank you,

    Bucko the Kid

    • EM Crysania
      July 16, 2010 at 2:18 AM

      I’m happy to say Bucko, that Scamp will be going to share residence with Alice and her cat Dinah. Alice has taken the Cheshire cat in as well. No worries, Alice loves animals and will provide Scamp with all the tidbits and petting he needs. I’m sure Scamp will be a happy puppy in her care! But thank you for your kind offer!

  3. Nephthys
    July 16, 2010 at 3:29 AM

    Where do we go to visit Alice?

    • EM Crysania
      July 16, 2010 at 10:48 AM

      Ah Nephthys, Alice lives in Wonderland of course!

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