Aino Nystad’s Township Recognition

Hail, citizens of Britain and beyond!

Several weeks ago, while thinking of how best to honor the memory of my dear sister Lady Aino Nystad, an idea germinated. The genesis of which lies in the now famous struggle against the erstwhile King pro-temp of Britain, nefarious Casca. The struggle which was led by the various towns and kingdoms that exist amongst our realm and beyond.

During the early days of the struggle, my sister was put in a precarious situation as she was honor bound to serve Casca as captain of the Royal Guard. Initially, she attempted to broker peace but this soon proved to be futile. Not before long, it became clear to her that the only path was to resign from her position and join forces under the banner of Operation Royal Flush. The rest is history.

In light of this, the best way that I could think of honoring my sister was to honor the spirit of townships and kingdoms – the very spirit that Casca attempted to crush. As such, I have donated a healthy purse from the Nystad estate to set up a Aino Nystad’s Township Recognition (ANTR). The sole purpose of ANTR will be to identify and publicize townships and kingdoms.  Although blessed by Queen Dawn, ANTR will be politically neutral and work with not only the realm of Britain but also those that lie outside.

In the coming days, the organization will be moving into the Counselor’s Guild hall in East Britain. Once setup, the doors will be thrown open to representatives of those that wish to register themselves for recognition. Certain guidelines will be applied for approval. Once approved, a banner will be constructed on site as a herald of the recognition.

It is my hope that Aino Nystad’s Township Recognition promotes the kinship that was responsible for the overthrow of the usurper Casca.


Kullervo Nystad

Guidelines for town recognition:

1)  Does the municipality have a significant physical presence in the vicinity?

As a rule of thumb, six houses will be considered as a significant presence. The houses should also make an effort to seem like part of the municipality by using a common theme in the house customization.

2) Has it participated in shard events with town participation? Or, made its presence felt through any other manner?

Examples include not only registering your community during various community geared events we have on Baja, but also participating in things like the recent trial. If you were a witness during the trial and introduced yourself as someone hailing from the town of timbaktu, then you have effectively made your presence known to the rest of the world.

3) Is the municipality older than 30 days?

Evidence should be provided regarding this.

4) Do the citizens of the municipality actively promote themselves?

For example, registering a booth during the faire grounds festival to promote themselves would count as such an activity.

5) Has the municipality held community events in the past 6 months? or do they have events planned in the near future?

Please note that the event should be geographically tied to the municipality itself. For example, an event to do champion spawns by itself would not count. However, if the event started by meeting at the town of timbaktu and then going to defeat the champions after a few drinks, then it would be effectively tied to that town.

6) Is the town part of an ingame town?

For example, if your town is located within the walls of Luna, then you will have a very difficult time justifying your recognition.