Call to arms!

“Attack under the cover of darkness… ”

Documents recovered from the daemon scouts in Britain warns of an impending attack! Citizens and friends of Britannia – rally to defend its heart.

Fortifications have been raised around West Britain. All citizens have been asked to evacuate East Britain and take shelter within the fortified city. All bridges connecting western and eastern part of the cities have been blocked off, except for the Virtue’s Pass.

Three temporary checkpoints have been earmarked to set up watches. Each of the check point is connected to the courtyard behind the main gate with a communication device and a gate:

1) Britain’s Town Guard Garrison

2) Road leading from the cemetery to The Hammer and Anvil

3) Virtue’s Pass

All defenders are urged to gather at the main gate of Britain, except for few who volunteer to man the check points. Furthermore, the town guards have been asked to keep the portcullis down and to keep the inner city wall manned.

Queen Dawn will inspect the fortifications and discuss strategy with the defenders at 7:45 PM PST, Friday August 6th.