Cleanup at Stall #9

Robert the ranger frowned as he gazed upon the Faire Grounds.

If he had not stood on this very ground only a few hours back and witnessed the frenzy that was the Spring Bazaar, he would have thought it to be a site of an epic battle between good and evil. His frown turned into a slight smile as he puzzled over how such chaos can arise from events so diametric in nature.

The signs were everywhere. On the table lay one of Lady Magdalena’s half-eaten pizza surrounded by empty bottles of wine; more bottles and jugs graced the soil as if someone went around and planted them, hoping to grow a sake tree. A quick look at Lady Ursula’s face told him that the bar needed to be restocked.

Standing there in middle of the wreck, he chuckled…

“I don’t suppose Lady Nystad will come along to help me with this .”

“Nay, but if you would allow, I will aid,” beckoned a voice from across the field.

Turning to his left, Robert saw a golden haired young man equipped with a richly hued shield and sword making his way towards him.

“Hail Robert! I understand that you are searching for a candidate to fill the position of the Faire Grounds Keeper?”

2 comments for “Cleanup at Stall #9

  1. Ceno
    March 26, 2009 at 6:19 PM

    Ello ello!
    Was wondering if thou are searching for a grounds keeper? or have found one?
    What would thy need to become a grounds keeper? or how to apply

    • Seppo
      April 17, 2009 at 10:57 AM

      Point of the fiction is to overshadow the fact that Kullervo Nystad is the grounds keeper now. *smiles*

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