The Pot Boils- Search for Ingredients (part 1)

Tiamat reached the lab of the evil one Murdock. Little was left of it after the war against the guardians and Murdock himself. The crystals holding the souls had shattered at Murdock’s death, leaving nothing behind. Tiamat gingerly made her way about the room, searching for any clue that would help her. She was beginning to give up, thinking there was nothing there, when she spotted a skeletal corpse in the corner.Lying beneath the bones was a dusty book. Could this be what she had been searching for? Gingerly she made her way over and picked up the book. Barely able to make out the words on the front, she read ” Incantation Spells”. Could this be what she was looking for? Tiamat went and sat in the chair and started looking through the book by candle light. The pages were tattered and worn, and turning them delicately she finally came to a page that had a picture of a large dragon with the words *Dragon Form* below it. Excited she hastily scanned down the page.
“Yes!” she exclaimed, “the spell I need!” As she read further the smile left her face and a frown replaced it.
Reading out loud she said,
“A dragon ye shall be if these items are found, and placed into a boiling cauldron.When a misty steam starts to arise, speak these words to transform thyself into the dragon form. “Kal Vas Ral Quas Xen Flam”
Into the pot ye shall put the following:

Feather of a Predator Harpy

Scale of a Dread Sea Serpent

Eye of a Tainted Wolf

Hair of the tail of a Nightmare

Dried wings of a Pixie

Stir all with a Leg Bone from a crumbled Skeleton

After you speak the spell, ye shall be transformed.”

“Be warned that there is a great risk involved with this spell. For if it does not work, Ye shall be in the form you are forever more. Only once may this spell be cast upon thyself. or the aura of death shall be at your feet.”

“How in the world am I to gather all of this? ” she said with a anguished cry. “Perhaps if I could find the old Hag I have heard mention of, she may have the ingredients!”
Tiamat set forth from the laboratory, and made her way to the hut of the Hag. The Hag was known for her strange potions and odd ways.
” Come in, come in” the old Hag chortled, when she heard the knock upon her door. Warily Tiamat pushed the door open and stepped inside. The old Hag stood with her back to her, standing over a large cauldron, busily stirring the contents inside.
“Well just don’t stand there, hand me that bag on yon counter” she said to Timat, “make yerself useful!”
Tiamat handed the old Hag the bag, wondering as she did what was in it. “Perhaps some kind of ingredient for a spell the old Hag certainly must be brewing up”, she thought to herself.
The Hag opened the bag and unceremoniously dumped it into the cauldron. Tiamat blinked as she saw clothes spill out of the bag. ” Wash day, girly, even a old hag needs clean clothes” she cackled as she stirred vigorously.
“Now, what do the likes of you be needing from a old Hag?” she said as she turned to face Tiamat. A look of concentration came upon the old hags face, her brow furrowed and her head tilted. She walked a slow circle around where Tiamat stood, looking her over from head to foot as she did.
” well ye aint what ye appear to be, that’s fer sure” she finally said as she stopped in front of Tiamat once more.
“There’s more to ye girl than the normal eye can see, I see another’s soul trapped inside, and you, you’re surely not a human, not the kind that normally parades here wantin’ me help” she said. “mayhaps you’ll be kind enough to tell me what you are and what ye be wantin'”
Tiamat told the old Hag what had happened to her, how she came about having the soul of the Great wizard, Murdock and his death, and finding the old Incantation book.
“I am in great hope that you have what is needed for the spell”, she told the Hag.”Then I can rid myself of the soul of the wizard, and become what I once was, the Black Dragon”
“Yes yes, I can see the Dragon that lurks within, but are ye sure you want to become again? the old Hag asked.”Your human side seems to be strong, powerful. You have ingrained much of the great wizard in your own soul, girl. Mayhaps it would be best to stay as ye are.”
Looking forlorn, Tiamat replied ” But I must..I must be a dragon again, that is what I was born as, and what I should be, the wizards soul needs to be freed and set at peace”
” Child, sometimes  we become what we are by destiny, and it be for the better”, the old Hag replied. Then seeing the downcast eyes of Tiamat,she added ” But no matter, Have ye the book of Incantations? I’ll have a look and see what I have here to help ye”
Tiamat handed the old tattered book over to the Hag and watched as the Hag opened it and started turning the pages.
” Well I’ll be!” she exclaimed in excitment.” There’s a spell in here for turning prince’s
inta frogs! I thought that were a bunch of horse pucky!” she chuckled.
” Ahh here it are, Incantation for becoming a Dragon” she said, “Girl, did you read this? What it says..this spell transforms ye into a dragon, not makes you what ye once were, and at the end can onliest be cast once, or ye face death.”
” Yes I read it and I know it can only be tried once! As far as the transforming, it should transform me back into a dragon! I want to do this! Please help me if you will!” Tiamat cried.
Studying the girl, the old Hag sighed deeply. ” I will try and help ye, warned, this may work or it may not, if it dinna work, then I can help ye no more I’m thinkin’ ” she said.
” Now let’s see”, she said, making her way to a tall cupboard. Fitting a key into the door, she turned and opened it. Rummaging inside she began to place items on a table beside her.
” Feather from a predatory harpy in this jar. Eh, whats this? Dried mongbat entrails,those we don’t need, Hair of the tail of a nightmare, *looks in jar*, gettin low on those, ahh theres them tainted wolf eyeballs, been wondering where they were” She muttered to herself. ” Dried pixie wings..aye got those” she mumbled. The Old Hag searched her cupboard for a bit before returning to Tiamat.
” I got most of the ingredients girly, just two that I lack”, she said. ” I don’t have any dread sea serpent scales, nor nary a bone from a crumbled skeleton. I think I used those up when I were trying to make some new potions up, love potions, not sure those made right either..” she rattled on.
“Anyways, gather those last two up and ye will have whats needed. I’ll even let ye borrow me old cauldron to mix ’em in”, she said. The old Hag handed a box containing the ingredients to Tiamat.
Tiamat took the box from the Old Hag and thanked her profusely for her help. Turning and leaving she knew what she needed now, the help of her friends from town in gathering the last two ingredients. She made her way back towards the town of Britain to gather her friends around and once more ask for their help…

Note: Please meet Tiamat at West Britain Bank

Time: 7pm PST/10pm PST

Date: Monday, February 7th 2011

( Please have a sea worthy vessel available for putting to sea!)

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