Event: Callie’s Notes (Part 2) (Thursday, May 17th, 2012)

Callie brushed a lock of blonde hair from her face as she finished posting the last of the fliers.

Event: Callie’s Notes (Part 2)
Date: Thursday, May 17th, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm PST / 10:00 pm EST
Location: EM Hall

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  1. James
    May 18, 2012 at 6:14 PM

    A rather ragtag band responded to Callie’s request. This group comprised humans, elves, hiumophile gargoyles, Handalf, and a few others. Callie explained that she was interested in … something … within Exodus.

    Callie opened a suspicious magical gate which led to the desert outside Ver Lor Reg — suspicious because most of Ilshenar is dead to gate magic. The band of Sosarian irregulars stepped through and was met by a veritable army of Exodus attendant machines and wingless gargoyles.

    Callie slipped away during the confusion of combat.

    We fought toward the city,and then fought within the city which was infested with all manner of Exodus minion and overseer machines including the new larger “minion lords.” Some of these machines were very durable; others were very fast, so there was quite a bit of resistance.

    During a lull in the battle, Lord Grand Administrator Zhah (“Queen Zhah”) appeared, and parleyed with her Ver Lor Reg equivalent, Vraal. Both spoke passably good vernacular English, probably out of respect for the hearing of the Sosarian irregular defenders. Zhah offered sanctuary in Ter Mur to the gargoyles of Ver Lor Reg. Vraal accepted.

    Vraal urged the Sosarians to continue to combat the machines of Exodus. When the fighting was all through, she took down the names of the Sosarians.

    In all the confusion, we forgot about Callie’s mission. The bulk of the group did not go into Exodus itself, and I daresay I did not see Callie after the initial confusion in the desert.

    I am left with these questions:

    Did Callie really mean to lead us into an ambush?

    Where did Callie go?

    Will Ver Lor Reg be abandoned? Will it be taken over by Exodus? Or will the Meer or Juka claim the location?

    Why are the Ver Lor Reg gargoyles so physically distinct from the Ter Murians and hiumophiles and Sosarian savage gargoyles? Are the Ter Murians underfed perhaps?

    Why aren’t there wingless gargoyles farming in Ter Mur and the Holy City? If Ter Mur can absorb refugees from Ver Lor Reg, surely there’s room for some productive wingless!

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