The End of the Beginning (Callie the Treasure Hunter)

“Tell me everything.” Callie plopped three bottles of wine down in front of Phoebe the (so-called) Psychic.

Phoebe flipped a tarot card over. “You seek answers.”

“Doesn’t everyone?! That isn’t exactly a profound revelation, lady. Just tell me how I got here and anything I said.” Callie replied impatiently.

“I will not mince words, then.” Phoebe pushed her tarot cards aside.

Phoebe explained how Callie had arrived, seemingly drunk, and insistent on finding The Pass of Karnaugh. Callie was babbling about robed figures, blue creatures, and a bright light. She kept mentioning a book and a necklace, both of which seemed very important to her.

“That’s it?” Callie sighed, disappointed.

“I’m sorry. Thank you.” she added quickly.

Phoebe tapped her deck of cards.

“Oh, alright, fine.” Callie said begrudgingly.

Phoebe had Callie cut the deck before she flipped the top card over.

“I see Chaos.” Phoebe began.

“The shrine? The moongate in Ilshenar? Actual chaos?” Callie leaned over to look at the card.

Phoebe flipped another card over.  “A destination…”

Phoebe flipped another card over.  “A city with crumbling walls.”

“I will find something there??” Callie stood up.

Phoebe flipped another card over. “Do not go alone or you will never find the answers you seek.”

“Thank you!” Callie reached in her bag and threw a handful of coins on the table before leaving.

Callie recalled to a nearby library and hired three scribes to help her make and distribute fliers for an adventure this evening.

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  1. Handalf
    May 23, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    Bok! “Distribute fliers” eh? No one distributes me! *flaps wing in annoyance*

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