Events for May!

Event line up for May for your viewing and planning Pleasure!

5/4/13-May Day Scavenger hunt and Party- fun, and games! Meet at Skara Brae Faire Grounds- 7pm PST

5/11/13– Resistance is Futile- The Final Showdown-Meet Grindylow at WBB- 7pm PST

5/18/13-Last Man Standing (with a twist) -PvP battles against man and beast! 7pm PST-Location to be announced.

5/25/13– Mysterious Murder and Mayhem-
A well respected citizen has been whom..?? Meet Grindylow at WBB. 7pm PST

5/31/13– Monthly Fish Weigh-in/ White Net Toss – Meet Capt’n Armondo for
the monthly weigh-in and then to snare that overgrown Lobster
Scalis!  7pm PST at New Magincia Docks

May fish – Lurker Fish, Unicorn Fish