The Final Showdown

Grindylow walked slowly around the columns of the strange apparatus that had appeared in the Waste of Tokuno. Peering closely at this one..taking her Naga staff and tapping on that one, all the time hoping
that nothing came out of the portal gate that stood in the middle.
“There has got to be a way to go through” she thought to herself,”Whatever is on the other side must be stopped and this gate closed!”
Closing her eyes, Grindy let her mind clear,( a rather difficult task if you know Grindy at all). Perhaps her guides would give her the solution she needed. Her right foot tapping ever so slightly, she unconsciously reached up with her hand and started tapping on the left side of her nose.
Swaying back and forth with the melodious thoughts that were coming through to her, she suddenly jolted straight up and her eyes flew open.
“That’s it!” she said as she popped herself in the forehead with the palm of her hand.” Like wow, I feel rather silly, I should have known this!”
Standing in front of the strange portal, Grindy uttered a sound and suddenly she vanished.A few silent moments later, the portal shimmered and sparkled and a disheveled Grindylow was thrust back out, visibly shaken by what she had seen.
Trembling, Grindylow backed away from the portal and strange columns.
She turned and took off at a run, headed to the criers to give word that help was needed.
What she had seen when she had went through the portal had to be stopped and destroyed. Glancing back over her shoulder once more, Grindy ran even faster…

Event: The Final Showdown

Date: 5/11/13

Time: 7pm PST

Meet: Grindylow at West Britain Bank