Last Man Standing-(with a twist)

Greetings! As promised here is the low-down and rules of the Last Man Standing Event:

Date : 5/18/13
Time: 7pm PST ( Registration and Spectators please arrive 30 minutes Prior)

1) This event will take place in Felucca. You must register to participate. If you just want to be a spectator, no registration required.

2) To get to Registration area, Hop the Vortex to the Fel EM house from the moongate at Fel Jhelom 30 minutes prior to event. I will have a area set up for registrations. Participants please take the Gate labeled as such to enter into the registration area. Spectators do not enter.

3) Once everyone has registered. You will be divided into two teams. “Green Team” and “Orange Team”. I will not disclose how the division will be made at this time to insure Fairness to both teams. It will be done at the time of the Event.

4) You will be searched to insure that you have no Pet Balls on your person. You are allowed one ethy pet, or one tamed Horse as mounts. NO other pets allowed.

5) You may wear whatever gear you please, hand weapon of choice, bring bandies, pots, etc..just like any other event or pvp match except again, NO Pet balls or tamed Pets.

6) NO HIDING OR STEALTHING ..this will result in disqualification and you will be pulled from the event. This includes the registration area, Starting area, Main Event area, or during the event. You must remain visible at ALL times.

7)Once registration and Team selections are done you will be provided a gate to your respective starting areas.

8 In lieu of this being Fel, Please respect the registration area and spectator area as being a “No Kill” zone. You will get your chance after we begin *grins*

9)Murder counts: I can not control that, but am asking PLEASE not give counts. This is all in Fun.

10) Details and rules will be given to participants prior to going to their respected starting points as to the “twist”.

11) IF you die during the event, You are out. The Last Man/Woman Standing at the end of the Event will be proclaimed Winner.

* Spectators are allowed but you must be DEAD. Ill take care of that part *grins*.
*It is advised to come with a empty pack except for one charged rune book to get home on.Nothing else!
*Take the vortex from Jhelom Fel Moongate to the Fel EM Hall. Gather in the first floor.
*I will bring you upstairs one at a time search you, Kill you and send you on your way.
*You will not be allowed to self rez or interfere in the games in any fashion. Doing so will result in you being removed from the area.

(Disclaimer: This is my First attempt at an Event like this. If there are any problems I will try to work them out before attempting another event such as this. I’m hoping to run this type event more often, and any feedback and suggestions afterwards will be welcomed! I do reserve the right to add or delete to the above rules as needed BEFORE the competition, Please check back often before Date of Event!)