Murder She Wrote

“Tsk tsk, this just will not do,’m sorry, I can not have a hand in this!”, Erasmus Battersby stated,as he read the proposal that had been tossed down upon his desk.
“And just why not?” the person asked as they causally set down a purse brimming with coin on the desk and pushed it towards Erasmus.
“For one thing I am bound to uphold this office with honor!! I am a agent of the King! To ask for me to jiggle the books as to where you can win a city election by seemingly having more townships and voters is out of the question!” he said with huff.
Looking at the bag of coin, he pushed it back towards the person across his desk.
“Bribery will not happen! Take your coin and get out of my office!”,he said as he stood and walked to the door opening it.
“Are you sure Mr. Battersby you wont change your mind?” the person said as they approached the door.”I can put a few more coin in your pocket if needed. It is important that I win this election in the city, very important.”
“OUT OUT! You scandalous person you! Not only will I NOT do as you ask, I will be reporting you to the King!” he said.
“I would not advise that Battersby! I would hate to see you have to leave office..*snickers evilly*”, they said as they stood at the door.
“Your threats mean nothing to me,now leave this instance!” Erasmus said as he pushed the person the remaining distance through the open door and slammed it in their face.
He watched as the person walked up to the window looking into the office and stood staring at him. Erasmus felt a trickle of nervous sweat start forming on his forehead. He reached to close the curtains framing the window and just as he did, he saw the person make a slitting motion across their throat as they turned and walked away.
“Oh dear..oh dear..I must report this to the King at once!” he said,”and to think, I thought they were well respected!”
Gathering the proposal, he clasped his cape over his shoulders and cracked open the door. Looking around with a worried glance, he saw no one. Timidly he stepped out of the door, turned and locked it behind him. Rushing off towards King Blackthorns castle, he never saw the person that was in the shadows following him.
As he approached the bridge to the Castle, Erasmus suddenly came to halt, his eyes wide, he flinched once, and collapsed on the ground lifeless.
Looking around and seeing no one else, the person silently went over to where Battersby lay.
“I warned you Battersby”, they said as they picked up the strewn proposal and pocketed it. Silently as if with magic..they disappeared.

(OCC) Erasmus Battersby has been murdered. This starts a series of events to try and find clues and answers as to who Murdered Mr Battersby.

Event: Murder She Wrote

Date: 5/25/13

Time: 7pm PST

Meet: West Britain Bank- Trammel