Ol’ Man Winter 2/13/15

Ol’ man winter has a tight grip on winter and refuses to change the season. Buried in the lost lands, his icy guards stand watch over the trapped UO groundhog of Baja. The forces of heat are battling against them and need the assistance of Baja’s citizens. It is time to choose which side we stand on. Either defend ol’ man winter or break free the grasp it holds and release the UO groundhog!
Gather together on Friday the 13th of February in the West Brit Counselor Hall, next to Lord Blackthorne Bridge, at 7pm PT, 10pm ET and be prepared to battle these seasonal forces.

Time: 7pm pst
Date: 2/13/15
Meet: EM Hall in West Britain.

This is a training event for our Newest Evil Minion..errr..I mean Event Moderator ..EM Aumakua ! Come show your support and please plan to gather back at the EM Hall to give Aumakua feedback after the event!