Event: The Revolting Shadows

The Revolting Shadows
Many, many moons ago, two young mages attended Moonglow’s School for talented Mages.
Farley and Revident Revard were the best of Friends.
They were also two of the most powerful and talented mages the
school had seen for quite along time.
Thier teacher, Miss Candlewhick, took a liking to them and started teaching them how to use thier magic in all ways good
and how to defend themselves in Sosoria.
Young Farley learned very fast and was good at it,but his friend
Revard was even better, but bored with the classes. He wanted to learn the darker spells.
Miss Candlewhick warned Revard that the Dark Magic’s was
not for Moonglow Mages and to leave it be. Revident took
offence teachers scolding and told Farley he did not care what she said, he had been practicing the Dark Arts for awhile now
and would continue to do so.
He showed Farley one such spell, they found a deer wandering near the school, and with a wave of his hand
he cast a spell and suddenly the deer’s shadow came to life!
Farley gasped in surprise and told Revident to stop, they could not practice such Dark arts. Revard got angry with
Farley and told him ,”HE WOULD DO WHAT HE WANTED!!”,
and stormed away.
Farley ran to the teachers house and told her what he had seen and what Revident had said and what he had seen.
Miss Candlewhick called all the elder mages together,
and summoned Revident. They told him his Dark Magic was not good for Moonglow and not what their school was about.
The Elders banished Revident from the School and Moonglow.
Before he left..Revident turned and vowed he would practice his
Darker Arts until he became the Greatest Master of this Magic
and would return and seek his revenge on Farley,
The School of Mages and Moonglow. With a wave of his hand, nothing more than a dark wisp swirled and vanished.
Revident Revard was seen no more,
until now…….

EVENT: The Revolting Shadows
Date: 3/13/15
Time: 7pm pst
Meet: Blackthorn’s Castle Courtyard

This is a Training Event for our newest EM…EM Chance! Please come out show your support and be prepared to return to EM Hall after the event to give Feed Back to EM Chance on the event!
See you there!