The Last Hoorah

Grindylow twiddled with pestal she was supposed to be using to grind up the sulfurous ash that Grizelda needed.
“Child!! Put yer mind back to business!”,Grizelda said with a grin, “This order has to be ready by Midnight on
the 28th”
“I’m sorry minds just not with it today” Grindy said as she turned back to grinding the ash.
Grizelda stood and watched Grindylow for a few mintues. She could see something was bothering the little Hag,
as her usual cheerful self was no where in attendance.
“Lass, put that down and come sit by the fire a minute” Grizelda said to Grindy.”We need to chat a spell.”
“Now Grindy, I can see something is botherin ye..tell me what it is” Grizelda said.
“Oh well, I..I..darn it I ..*sighs*..Im not really sure just WHAT it is.”Grindy said with tears in her eyes.
“No No..thats not exactly true, Grizelda, I DO know, at least I think I do. After all thats happened this
past year, with me finding out who I truely am. I just can’t help but think…maybe thats where I belong,
with the Naga. I mean.. I’m ever so greatful for all you’ve done for me! But I think my heart is telling me
to go back to the Naga.” she said in a whisper.
“Now listen up child”, Grizelda said sternly, “There was alot going on in your wee life, I agree. You’ve
found out alot of your past history, and who you are. You’ve fought and won some tremendous battles, and
you’ll never be forgotten for those, not by the Naga folk nor the folks of Baja.”
Smiling alittle, Grindy replied “Those were some hard fights too! Everyone made me feel sooo good when they
jumped at the chance to help a little Hag!”
“Thats because they love you Grindy, never forget that.” Grizelda said with a smile.
“I love them too! Ive made so many new friends here..and I guess thats whats bothering me Grizelda.”
“What child..whats bothering you??”, Grizelda asked.
Dropping her head and casting her eyes down, Grindy said in voice so low it was barely a whisper,
“I want to go back to the Naga”.
“Oh child, I been knowing that…” Grizelda said, “I’m not a Hag fer nothing.”
Looking up with tear filled eyes, Grindy said in suprise, “You have???”.
“Look girl, Baja is doing good, the folks seem to be happy, life is simple but fulfilling.Alot have gone
on down the road, but they always come back, this is home when they get tired of all the rushin and shovin
around. Child, what I’m tryin’ to follow your heart. It will always lead you the right way, and iffin’
you feel like now is the time to go..then by all means do it! And who knows..maybe someday
you’ll come home to visit too! Im not sayin’ its gonna be easy gettin back to the Naga, there’s some past foe’s
that may stand in yer way, ones you defeated before, but I say go fer it. I’ll certainly miss you child, and your
“I love you Grizelda, you always make me see the light ahead instead of the dark and gloomy! That’s it then!
I am going to return as the rightful Queen of the Naga! Maybe I can get the folks to escort me, think they will?”
“Child, anything for you..anything for you……..”

Event: The Last Hoorah
Date: 2/28/16
Time: 7pm pst
Meet: West Britain Bank