Fare thee well

Good morning Baja..The time has arrived and this will be my last post on this page.
I want to thank you guys for being you, for putting up with my silliness, my “snorts” and
“snorkles”. Thank you for being there for ME when I needed it. You are amazing. I’ll be taking
alot of memories of laughs, giggles, and ooopsy’s of our time together with me, as I take off my
robe today. *facepalms* ..That DID not sound right..but you know what I mean *grins*.
WildStar and her mindbleach, Amber and her termites, Xel and his compulsion to fill up every
clear space with stuff (Im still drooling Xel), Sluggy..for just being you..Mama Faith, our chats
meant SO much to me..Fig and his “fleas”..Sally and her pie throws..James and his enormous.., An Vas,
The Yattering, Brackus and the Town Guard, Proserpina, Frodo, WarderDragon, Old Man, Handalf,
Sugar, Sister, Ric Flair, Yalp, Proserpina, Magdelina, Shadow Shott, Damian, Sid Vicious, Dar, TOBY,
JINX, Fern, Nicholas,Chareos, Gi-Hannah, Paradox, Missey, Old Man River, Lil’ Debi,The Cartel, SI, M!S,
Airhaun, Grey Eagle, The Girl Scouts, The Golden Brew Tavern, the Governors…I could go on and on,
but just know to those that I haven’t named..you are Not forgotten or slighted.
Most of all I am going to miss who you all are..You are the ones that have made Baja what it is, a
shard to “come home too” no matter that you may have traveled to a bigger shard, there’s
always something tugging at you to come “home” and feel the love. And I’ve felt that love myself.
There were alot of things I left unfinished and for that I apologize. Time is not my friend
I want to give a big thank you to Mesanna for allowing me the privledge of being a EM, she’s the bee’s knee’s!
Love her to bits and will miss her dearly as a boss, to my fellow “evil Minions”, cohorts and co-workers,
I’ll certainly miss all of you and your banter in channel. Keep it up guys, hopefully I can attend some
events now and then!
So as my time as a EM comes to a end, I’ll not say “goodbye” that is too final. Instead.. I wish you well,
I wish you happiness, but most of all I give you love..

Safe Journeys and GodSpeed.


ps: I’ll leave you with a favorite quote:
Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.– Dr. Seuss