The Red Army Resurgence

A visibly weary Richardson slowly made his way across the bridge at the entrance to Castle Blackthorn. At times, the halberd he was carrying was keeping him propped upright as he made his way further into the courtyard. He paused for a moment and gathered himself before approaching the King to deliver his report on Yughor Crow the Shadowlord, and the Shard of Lacuna.
“Ah greetings Richardson!” Exclaimed King Blackthorn as he stood up to greet his Guard Captain. Richardson smiled, and saluted the King in reply. Blackthorn then continued:
“Please have a seat, and some refreshments. I am eager to hear the news you have about Lacuna.”
Richardson nodded, and took a seat across from King Blackthorn. He looked at the assortment of fruits, cheeses, breads and beverages in front of him, and decided to have a mug of ice cold water. After a few moments of thinking, Richardson spoke:
“Twas quite the battle m’lord… The rumors were true, and we found Yughor at the Daemon Temple on the Isle of Fire. He also had one of those thieves as his prisoner, or perhaps a sacrifice in the end.”
“You mean he’s dead?” Inquired King Blackthorn. Richardson nodded, and continued:
“Throughout the fighting on top of the temple, the portal that Yughor was summoning kept growing larger, and darker. Once he had finished performing his ritual, Jayce burst into flames… almost from the inside… and all that was left was his petrified remains, and an eerie portal to Lacuna.”
Richardson paused for a moment to take a gulp of the water in his mug, and glanced over at the King, who was sitting upright, and paying the utmost attention. He then smiled and continued his report:
“At first, I was very hesitant about following that beast into the portal, perhaps I was letting fear get the best of me… But I kept it together, rallied the citizens and we made our way to Lacuna. Once we got through the portal, we were greeted by a barren wasteland. I am not sure where exactly we were in Lacuna, but there were stone ruins, dead trees, a graveyard and much darkness all around. We bravely fought our way through any that stood in our path, and confronted Yughor Crow. He made some very dark and grim threats before trying to stop us, but after a long fight we prevailed!”
King Blackthorn sat back in his chair with a smile on his face, and pondered the report he was just given. After a few moments, he inquired:
“Were you able to recover any of the artifacts those two thieves stole?” Richardson shook his head as he replied:
“Nay m’lord. Much of the area was left in ruins during the fighting.”
King Blackthorn nodded, and reached for a goblet of wine. After taking a sip, he wiped his mouth and set the goblet back down and spoke:
“I have one more task for you Richardson… Trust me, no one is more deserving of a leave than yourself. I am very thankful for all you have done; Britannia is very grateful for all you have done. After this task, you may take a leave.”
Richardson pondered for a few moments, and then nodded. Blackthorn continued:
“The Red Goblin Army of Pitmuck has regrouped. After being routed at the battle of Skara Brae, they scattered and fled into the forest. They are now laying siege to the city of Trinsic. They have set up barricades and are blocking access to and from the city. I need you to gather the citizens, and break this siege.”
Richardson nodded and inquired:
“Why Trinsic m’lord? Were they not fighting and uprising for their rights in Skara Brae?”
Blackthorn pondered for a moment and replied:
“I am not entirely sure why the city of Trinsic, Richardson. Perhaps due to no Governor leading them, the city has not been able to maintain the highest level of order behind the walls…”
Richardson nodded, and stood up to make his way out of the Castle. He saluted the King, and thanked him for the refreshments. On his way out, he turned to the King and inquired:
“The goblins were uprising because they were being persecuted, harassed and attacked. What exactly have we been doing to them during all of this?”