Richardson’s Resignation

Under a cloudy and cool afternoon sky, the courier quickly ran across the bridge leading into Castle Blackthorn with parchment in hand. He ran up the stairs, greeted a few confused guards, and inquired to where King Blackthorn might be. The guards pointed the courier to the tavern, and he quickly made his way there. Once inside, he saw the King sitting alone at the bar, reading a copy of the Town Crier.

“M’lord! I have some disturbing news from the siege at Trinsic!” Exclaimed the courier.

King Blackthorn looked over and smiled. He then replied:

“Ah, I see. I am just reading about it as well.” As he tapped the copy of the Crier that was in front of him. The courier shook his head, and handed the parchment to the King. After staring at the courier for a moment with a puzzled look, King Blackthorn unrolled the message, and began to read it:

King Blackthorn,

I regret to inform you, that I must tender upon you my resignation. After our last meeting, a leave of absence was promised to me, but I feel that would not be adequate.

For many years now, I have faithfully served the many peoples of Britannia, and upheld the highest standards set forth by the Crown. I have kept my personal feelings regarding various matters of the Kingdom to myself as instructed, but I feel they can no longer be silenced; nor am I willing to turn a blind eye. It is not just one affair that has led me to this, but a combination of several:

-The treatment of the Pitmuck Goblin uprising has left me particularly upset. The goblins were protesting, and uprising for the unfair treatment that they were receiving from the citizens of Skara Brae. In response, I was ordered to lead the guard, force them to surrender or slaughter them. This kind of retaliation is exactly what they are protesting!

-The two thieves, Francis and Jayce. If you are aware or not, these two rogues may have saved Britannia from ultimate destruction by a Shadowlord! I have followed and pursued them for several months, and although they may have led a criminal lifestyle, their ultimate intentions were for the greater good of the land. They sacrificed their lives to gather ancient artifacts, and put an end to the corrupted shard of Lacuna, and Yughor Crow.

-How you handled the Crimson Dagger was most upsetting. This ancient order of assassins operated right under your nose, and you seemingly did nothing! They even attacked several governors as they left a council meeting! How you could sit idly by, and let the townsfolk fend for themselves is truly disappointing.

There are several other infractions as well that I have not agreed with throughout my years of service as well, but that does not matter. Consider my orders to break the Red Goblin siege at Trinsic, the last that I will receive or follow. Once that task is complete, I will go my own way, to find and travel a new path.



King Blackthorn put the parchment down, and raised a hand to dismiss the courier. After several minutes of staring blankly across the bar, he resumed reading the copy of the Town Crier that was in front of him. After a few moments, he had reached the end of the article that was reporting on the siege of Trinsic, and a look of shock and concern came across his face when he read the words:

“Richardson the Guard was kidnapped by the Red Goblin Army.”