The Village Of Stormguard Rares Festival & Costume Contest – Sunday June 4th, 4PM PST

The Village Of Stormguard will be hosting a rares festival Sunday June 4th, 4PM PST until 8PM PST!

Activities include:

-Presenting and judging of the new Royal Guard uniforms.

-Scavenger hunt in the castle.

-Drunken dagger toss in the village tavern.

-Live auction at the village inn.

-Details on the Royal Guard costume contest:

The contest is open to all citizens of Baja. The rules for the designs are simple. The uniform must be able to be worn by all races, genders, and skills. The uniform must include two colors (and only two colors) Please refrain from using colored cloth or dyes that are difficult/expensive to obtain. The uniform must also consist of articles of clothing that can be worn with any armor so as to signify a Royal Guard when they are in their non-uniform combat gear (ie: sash, robe, leather ninja belt, kilt, etc.). Once again the uniform will be the same for all members of the Royal Guards, regardless of skill set. You will present your design (you will wear your design) to a panel of judges during the Village of Stormguard Rares Festival. The winner of the contest will receive a special prize!

Hope to see you there!