Notes From The Journal Of Ashleif The Archeologist, Part IV

Well, it has been several weeks down here in the Magincia Mines… The seclusion is both calming, and maddening at the same time. Every time I reach a new breakthrough, I’d like to turn to a person next to me and exclaim to them what I’ve found, but just myself down here. I have spent a majority of the time going through old texts and tomes that I found on some bookshelves down here. I have learned so much about these vampires, and where they come from:
-It turns out, the very first vampire from this coven was the one that I awoke, Demidicus Marcel. It was written that Demidicus’s presence on Magincia pre-dates any formal establishment of a city on the island, and not much was mentioned as to how he got on the island in the first place.
-Decades later, after Magincia was settled and built upon, Demidicus made sort of a deal with the corrupt members of the Mages Guild who were using the diamond mines as a refuge to study and practice their necromancy. He was to let them study in peace in the mines in exchange for periodic sacrifices. One of the books also mentioned the exchange of necromantic knowledge, and pagan rituals between the growing vampire coven, and the corrupt members of the Mages Guild.
-As time went on, common knowledge of the mine’s location began to fade, the offerings to the vampire coven began to dwindle as well, until they all but stopped. This left Demidicus in a tough position, as he and his coven needed to feed on blood to sustain their power. Many of the necromancers who would bring the vampires offerings, succumbed to old age, disease and what not. Sort of ironic…
-Abruptly, the section of the mine that contained the coven became sealed off from the rest. It is unknown if this was a deliberate act by the necromancers, the Mages Guild, or if the mine simply had a cave-in.
-During the time in seclusion, Demidicus saw only one way to preserve his coven: to put them into slumber in hopes that one day they would be awoken at the prospect of fresh blood.
That’s where I came in… When the floor gave way, I found myself right in middle of their lair, only to awake the foul beasts from their slumber. If it wasn’t for the townsfolk coming to my aid, I fear the vampires may have escaped the mine, and made their way to the surface.
The surface… That’s where I need to head now. I must get these research notes over to Moonglow, and see if there is anything useful they can tell me about this coven.
Unfortunately, this recurring nightmare I keep having is getting more and more vivid each time I try and rest. The other night was particularly frightening, as I couldn’t tell if I was still dreaming or in fact awake. I keep seeing the same scenario play itself out in front of me: Surrounded by elite members of the Royal Guard, and they began to slaughter everything around me, including myself. I can hear the voices of people screaming in pain in my waking hours, and it is taking its toll on my nerves. I need to get out of here.
After that exhausting climb back to the surface, I was overcome with a burning pain all over my body, but particularly my eyes. As I rounded the last corner to the surface, it was the sunlight beaming into the entrance that knocked me off my feet. How long had I been down here that my eyes had adjusted to the dark? But no, that isn’t quite it… Upon inspecting the pain on my arms, the sunlight had burned them! I had this feeling, and fear in the back of my head for awhile now… I must have been bitten by one of the vampires when I was knocked unconscious. I suppose I’ll have to wait for nightfall…