Something foul reeks in the Sewer – I

An urgent missive sent to the Royal Guards by Captain Nystad with an attached report.

Title: A disturbing find of the most urgent nature! Requires full investigation!

Hail, this afternoon, I ventured down the sewers of Britain accompanied by a mere town guard recruit and a citizen. My purpose was to investigate a disturbing report,  submitted by the said recruit, regarding foul activity. In hindsight, I probably should have taken the original report (see the attached copy) more seriously to begin with.

I will be brief and merely state that everything mentioned¬† in the report is true! To gain entrance into the “deep sewers”, one needs to say the word Charvory. I do believe that this is the same site where Inu the crone was held captive few years back.

Regardless, I have asked the town recruits to stay away from the sewers, lest we risk our enemies finding out that we are aware of their presence. I recommend that we send an advance party of Royal Guards to scout the area and prepare a detailed plan.


Captain Nystad

Attached copy of the original report:

As requested is my report on the situation as found beneath in the sewers of the city.

I have had a very difficult time writing this, as the memories and visions still haunt my mind fiercely.
The healers think that some of the noxious gasses that I inhaled, causing me to pass out cold on the floor of the deeper sewer tunnels, have had something to do with things being as bad as they are. They say that its possible some of the fumes caused me to hallucinate or for the experiences down there to become manifest tenfold stronger than what was actually occurring.

I know what I saw sir!

I know what I saw and its not a good sight to be seeing these things.

I went down and looked around where one might expect a vagabond to be in an effort to dig up this Carl you told me of. I do not think the sleeping area I found was his. It was long disused, but I found a plaque covered in code.
It took me somewhile but I did crack the code, and promptly found myself on a whole new level of the sewers sir! Places I have never seen or been to before. The problem is that as soon as I was rifted to this place within the labyrinth that makes up our sewers, I nearly passed out cold before I could explore any further. There are some right noxious gasses down there, corporal!! It reeked something chronic and the ethers out of it were sickening in no small amount. They overtook me and I passed out cold on the floor. I awoke a few moments later to find myself staring into skeletons of people that ha-

*here the wording jiggles about shaken to illegibility. A few words are scratched out with ink blots from the quill*

They were those who’d been down here before, sir! I recognized some of them bones as belonging to the Th-

*the rest of the word is illegible due to the shakiness of the handwriting*

They were people, sir! Easily missed if you are standing, due to the stagnant water in the corridor. However,  since my face was down in the stuff it was noticeable under the water with the torch so close. I threw up my meals for that day then and there in the tepid waters.

When I’d made it past that corridor, thank the jewels of Seber Ahmet, I allowed myself some time to regain my senses from that stench of near death. I was to climb down the ladders only to arrive at yet another horrific sense.

What awaited me was a small lichen laden corridor of slosh and stinking silage filled with the poison that eats and the corrosion that walks. It filled the very narrow corridor from one end to the other.

I could not slip past them without stepping into the silage or risk them becoming aware of my presence without dodging the lichen and slick rock. One splash or slip would have alerted them. This I managed but barely.

It was then I went onto the next set of passages to find a horde of orcs amassed so large, I could not count the numbers. I was stepping over, under and through them, and how I was not caught only the virtues know!

I suspect their mages are using those horrors to keep us out as they prepare and rally.

That Northern incursion was just a scouting party to find a method into the city unnoticed.

I wager their presence is behind the rats being drove up en masse to the city surface, corporal.


Recruit Sphinx

Event information

Title: Something foul reeks in the Sewer – 1
Location: West Britain Bank
Start Date: 2009-05-09
Start Time: 15:00
End Date: 2009-05-16
End Time: 15:00

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