Town Guard Orders

Any single guard is only as good as his or her unit and a unit is no better than its weakest link. A town guard, like any other guard, must learn discipline and team work.

Any town guard recruit planning to take his or her S.R.T. will have learned and practiced the following orders,

Parade orders

Attention: All town guards will face the ranking officer and stand to attention – straightened posture with arms on the side

Present fortification: Town guards will assist each other in building a temporary fortification for inspection

Present role: The town guard queried will describe his or her role within the unit

Present arms: The town guards will present their primary weapon of choice

Guard lineup: All town guards will form an appropriate line up of no more than three standing next to each other

Forward march: All town guards are to march in step with each other beginning three seconds after the command, saluting as they pass the ranking officer

Halt: All town guards are to cease marching

Stand down:
All town guards are to relax from their attention stance and await further orders

Dismissed: All town guards are dismissed. They may leave the lineup after saluting the ranking officer

Tactical orders

Fire in town: All but one of town guards present will run to the nearest source of water and assist with putting out the fire. The town guard not assisting with water will direct citizens to a safer place

Arrest [Name]: Surround a person to be arrested. Use force if they struggle

Aid [Name]: Assigned healers will heal the said town guard or citizen

Attack [Name]: All town guards shall attack the said person

Fall back: All town guards will fall back to the ranking officer. If no ranking officer is present, they will fall back to the nearest defensible or preselected position

To [Name]: All town guards will form a square formation around a person to provide protection

To bank: All town guards will report to the bank of their assigned city

Defend position: All town guards will erect temporary outpost at the said position

Defend home: All town guards will congregate at the town guard headquarters in Britain. Upon arrival, they will take defensive positions


While the town guards are unlikely to find themselves in a full battle, they are still required to have book knowledge of tactical formations,


Wedge formation: Lines thinned to provide concentration in center to smash through enemy lines

Single line defence: Deployment in a single line to overlap enemy flanks

Cannae tactic: Center left weak deliberately to invite enemy centre attacks allowing encirclement of the enemy

Strong right flank: Strong right flank to break through enemy’s left flank and then attacking from the rear

Protected Flank: Using a natural barrier to protect one of the flank and positioning the cavalry on the opposite end

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