Three on Thursday?

1) A book has been placed next to thief master. It will respond to names of players who have a notoriety of +1 or more. The names are in one of these two formats:

a) Player name; eg. Aino Nystad or

b) Player Name (Guild Abbreviation); eg. Aino Nystad (GRD)

If you had submitted a report for the Thiefmaster event and your name is not included, please let me know

2) Me and Pallando recently did an interview with the Baja Stratics’ staff and it can be found at this link

3) If you registered as a representative for the upcoming negotiations for independence, then please sign up for one of the negotiation slots. Also, some of the claims have been disputed. Please try to work it out with the disputer because we are not going to allow negotiations on land with reasonable disputes as your decisions areĀ  likely to have consequences.

Regarding the actual negotiations part, you can take whatever approach you think will earn you a royal nod. Something to remember is that Lord Casca is not going to give up territory unless you can convince him that it is in his best interest to do so.

Also please keep in mind that the negotiation slots are approximations. Things can always run bit slower or faster.