Captain Nystad sent to Tokuno

Lord Casca sat bored on his cushioned chair, while struggling to feign interest in Captain Nystad’s words. For the past half an hour, she had been going over a variety of reasons about why warring against the so-called independent kingdoms would be a grave mistake.

Aino Nystad: Finally, m’lord must think about the existing morale of his troops. Although we have made much progress, the wounds of the invasion are still fresh. I am afraid that another war might lead to a…

Lord Casca: Enough! I think you have proven your point, captain!

Aino Nystad: *startled* Does that mean that you are willing to reconsider hostilities?

Lord Casca:  *looks amused* As you have already stated for the past half an hour, a war would be a difficult proposition without any troops!

Aino Nystad: *nods fervently* Indeed! Your wisdom is great, Lord Casca!

Aino Nystad: *senses an opportunity* Perhaps, we can give peace an another chance? I have managed to build relationships with some in the opposition. If you would command, I would gladly renegotiate with them!

Lord Casca: *makes a dismissive gesture* Perhaps in due time, captain! Let them consider the full-weight of the consequences of a rebellion for now. In the meantime, I have a more immediate task for you.

Aino Nystad: Sire?

Lord Casca: As you know, I have passed a decree to assist the Empress of Tokuno with the problems they are having.

Lord Casca: I wish to send you on an urgent mission related to this…

Event announcement

Day: Saturday June 27th

Start time: 8:50 PM PST

End time: 10:00 PM PST

Meeting location: Zento bank