Gargish-Human Relations

This page will contain information related to Gargish-Human relations. The information contained may change as new events occur.

Current Guild Statuses


1. Kingdom of Dawn (DWN),

2. Spawners Inc (SI),

3. The Ancient Order (TAO),

4. Covenant of the Dark Moon (CTDM),

5. Defenders of the Shire [D_S]

6. Misfits of Society [M!S]

7. Baja Girl Scout Troop 1 (BS1) (moved from curious due to recent actions -December 15th)

8. Elf Clan Zanthes (EcZ) (moved from curious due to recent actions -December 15th)

9. Fellowship of Peace [PAX] (moved from curious due to recent actions -December 15th)


1. Four Horseman (4H) (location not given)

2. U R Dead [YAD] (location not given)

3. Legends of Avalon


1. Dark Tower/RedCaps,

2. Cartel & Cartel Factions ($C$ & $CF$)

3. Aldagar Morr

4. The Malleus Malificarum

____________________Original Registration Form_____________________________________

We would like to invite all guild leaders to register your guild with us. Pertaining to this, we require following information,

1) Guild Name and abbreviation

2) Guild Leader/Representative

3) Guild Size (approximate active individual players)

4) Guild house (xyz coordinates/facet)

5) Guild Alignment: Good, Evil, or Neutral

6) Outlook towards Gargoyles: Friendly, Curious, Irked, Hostile

7) What is prime time for your guild generally?

Please, note that some of this information is what one might consider role playing in nature. However, it is simple enough for any guild, RP/PvP/PvM, to come up with a suitable response. Please put some thought into it and reach a consensus amongst yourself before registering.


1) Please use the feedback option, if you want the information you supply to remain confidential.

2) If you are not currently in a guild, then you are always welcome to make one up and register.

3) There is no specific registration deadline at this moment. However, as they say, early bird catches the… donut?

4) Pick a guild house if you do not have one already.

5) Question six is rather important and we will appreciate if guilds that pick hostile, act accordingly. This means, for example, that you should not attend any relevant event on a gargoyle that belongs to a guild registered as hostile towards gargoyles. Obviously, we don’t expect you to shun gargoyles completely but merely to play the part when necessary.

6) Questions 5 and 6 are independent. You can have an evil guild that is friendly towards gargoyles or conversely, a good guild that is hostile towards gargoyles.

7) It is always useful if you let us know your guild leader/representative’s alternate character names. This makes it easy to contact you if required. This is merely a suggestion.

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