War of Shadows

Last updated: December 11th, 2009

This page outlines the War of Shadows Event Moderator Arc on Baja, taking place from January 8th 2009 till end of September 2009. While sharing its name with the global arc, many events described here only occured on the Ultima Online shard of Baja and do not apply to the other shards of the gem of immortality.

Please click on this link for description of the current ongoing event moderator arc on Baja.

January 8: Strangers come to Britannia

The two twins, Kullervo and Aino Nystad, make their appearance. We find out that Aino Nystad is seeking reinstatement of the Nystad house by appealing to the Royal Council (or what remains of it). However, Kullervo has no interest in her quest and has parted ways seeking refuge in the woods.

A book was also discovered that revealed the history of the Nystad twins.

January 16th: Lord Casca, All Hail The New King (global event)

Lord Casca has been appointed as King Pro-Tempore at the behest of the new Royal Council. No one knows who is part of this new council.

Lady Aino Nystad, expressing her desire to work with Lord Casca to fulfill her mission, seeks an appointment to talk with him.

January 17th: Lord Casca addresses the people (global event)

In a moving address, Lord Casca asks for the support of the people in his quest to bring peace and prosperty to the kingdom. Yet, dark clouds form in the horizon as he also passes disturbing decrees.

January 24th: Lady Aino Nystad meets Lord Casca in Trinsic

Aino Nystad finally gets a chance to talk with Lord Casca face to face about the fate of the house of Nystad, or so she thought. In a turn of events, Lord Casca informs her that he did not arrange for this meeting to talk with her about the fate of the house of Nystad. Instead, he offers her the job of the captain of the guard. Needless to say Aino is shocked and seeks time to give it some thought.

Kemer, the Royal Guard, is introduced during this meeting as Lord Casca’s personal guard.

February 14th – Love and Misconceptions: Aino Nystad calls for aid

Isabella, the Occlo baker’s daughter, seeks out Aino Nystad to recruit her aid in helping William, the love of her life. Aino Nystad, in turn, seeks out the aid of the people who have befriended her in the past weeks. What follows next is an intricate quest to seek out Ilmatar, a legendary healer, who might be able to help find a cure. The quest is finished successfully and William is cured.

Robert, the ranger, is introduced during this quest as a friend of Lady Nystad.

February 21st – Bards celebrate William’s recovery

Crowds gather at the Faire Grounds to listen to bards spin their tale of last week’s happenings. But before the celeberations start, Lady Nystad announces that she has accepted the title and responsibilities of the captain of the royal guard.

Trubo Saius is introduced at this time as a special emissary of Lord Casca to negotiate the status of kingdoms/cities seeking autonomy.

March 1st – Tournament of Champions Announced

In her new capacity as the captain of the royal guard, Lady Nystad announces plans for a grand tournament to boost the morale in the realm.

March 12th – Robert the Ranger calls for a Spring Bazaar

At the request of Lady Nystad, Robert the ranger organizes a Spring Bazaar to be held at the Faire Grounds. It was to serve as an avenue for war-infested populace to meet and rejoice. The plan succeeded as the people turned up in great numbers and the bazaar took place without any foul incidents.

March 17th – Clainin Awakens (global event)

Lord Casca summons people to meet him at the West Britain Bank where he announces that Archmage Clainin has awakened from his coma. He informs the people that already an attempt has been made on his life and as such, he is having Clainin escorted to another location.

Everyone present is asked to aid Trubo Saius in securing Clainin. The mission is successful despite an ambush at New Haven moongate.

March 21st – Tales of Ice and Fire (global event)

Lord Casca summons people to meet him at the Empath Abbey.  Once there, we find out that he has discovered a device that controls the invasion and corruption of town folks. He leads everyone to an underground tavern wherein lies this device which turns out to be a giant red crystal.

After shattering the crystal  and thereby ending the invasion, we gather again at Yew. While Lord Casca is declaring (and bragging) that he has defeated the invasion, things soon take a turn for the worst as Syrak, a crimson dragon, is breathing down upon everyone. Lord Casca suddenly remembers of a task that needs his immediate attention… far far far away from Yew … and takes his leave.

Help arrives in the form of a mysterious lady by the name of Fayaxion. Syrak is shocked by her presence and warns her to leave. Fayaxion, seemingly unpertrubed by Syrak’s presence or warnings, tells everyone to back away for their own safety. Soon after that, she turns into a platinum dragon. With both dragons facing each other, a heated exchange followed. In the end, Fayaxion manages to banish Syrak to the void. She departs after warning the humans that they have not seen the last of the crimsons.

March 22nd – Champion’s Duel Day 1

Day one of the Champion’s duel tournament started with a roaring success. At the end four duelists made it to the semi-finals.

March 24th – Kullervo Nystad, the new grounds keeper

As rumors of dragons and false kings spreads, Kullervo decides that it is time to halt his wanderings. An opportunity arises in the form of Robert the Ranger looking for Skara Brae Faire Grounds keeper. Kullervo jumps at this as it would allow him to live near the woods but yet in the vicinity of the civilization, lest his sister needs him.

As one of his first projects, he decides to secure the south east end of the Faire Grounds by growing a garden.

March 29th – Rest in peace, Clainin the Wise (global event)

Evil has awakened! Shadowlords arise!

Melissa, the terrifying servant of Nosfentor, upon deciding to assassinate Clainin summoned her followers to a secret room in the SL faction base. There, thriving under the attention of her minions, she bid them to assassinate Clainin at his hideout in Trinsic. To ensure that nothing goes awry, she also provided them with a special dagger to neutralize any threat from the guards protecting him. Confident of success, they made their way towards Trinsic.

What Melissa failed to account for, however, was the powerful resistance against any drastic changes in the balance of power. With Lord British still missing in the ethereal void, Minax also not seen in many seasons, and Moonglow in ruins, the other factions were not keen on seeing SL rise in power. That, along with various other reasons, pushed them to join forces and reinforce Clainin’s defence. The end result was that SL, already reeling from the absence of their commander Lady Athena, were crushed into submission. This failure of her followers forced Melissa to take action, thereby exposing herself. In the end Clainin’s life was lost but Shadowlords were made aware that the road forward is dotted with resistance.

Back at the SL faction base, Melissa had harsh words in store for her followers. She made it known that she expected them to be well-prepared in the future. Then with a purr-like laughter, she vanished…

March 28nd/March 29th – Champion’s Duel Day 1 & 2

The final two days of qualifying rounds of the Champion’s tournament were held successfully. The winners joined the duelists from Day 1 in the semifinals.

April 3rd/April 4th – Champion’s Duel Semifinals

The semifinals were held at the Champions Arena in the city of Avalon. The duels went ahead inspite of the absence of  Captain Nystad on April 4th.

April 6th – Finals of the Champion’s Tournament Announced

April 11th – Proclamation of the champions

Mage Chushingura and warrior Taslin are proclaimed as champions of the land.

April 12th: Easter Bunny visits Sosaria

A mysterious creature that could be a bunny makes an appearance in Sosaria throughout the day. However, Lord Casca had passed a verdict to capture it.

April 14th – Royal Guard Conference

Captain Nystad hosts a Royal Guard conference at the Faire Grounds in Skara Brae. The attendees are informed about the current (dismal) status of the Royal Guard and the plans to reinforce them.

Captain Nystad also declares the formation of a new regiment known as Town Guards with town guard Brackus acting as its first corporal. An archive of the conference can be found here.

Here is a list of important announcements related to the town guards,

  1. A Town Guard FAQ
  2. A Guide to the  Town Guard rank structure
  3. Town guard orders

April 20th – Uniform design contest announced

Now that the town guards are in a full swing, it is time to assign a proper uniform to them. To resolve this task, Captain Nystad announces a uniform design contest.

April 22nd – Cracks form between Lord Saius and Captain Nystad

Apparently affronted by some of Captain Nystad’s actions in regards to independent cities and kingdoms, Lord Saius makes a public announcement seeking to disgrace the Captain

April 24th – Memorial for a friend

Lord Emissary Saius holds a memorial to honor Lord Clainin

April 25th – Fruits of peace and prosperity

With the invasion behind us, the populace is once again settling into their daily lives. While the first festival at the Faire Grounds was held to display defiance and comradrie, a new festival is held to celeberate peace and victory.

As a sign that peace has finally returned to Sosaria, the festival is preceded by a wedding of Lord Enki with Lady Savannah Rose.

During the festival, the town guard uniform design contest is also held with guard Sylphia modelling the entries. The winners are announced on the following day.

May 5th-May 16th The Britain Sewer Arc

Something foul reeks in the sewers – I

Trouble brews deep below the City of Britain as an unsuspecting town guard Sphinx stumbles into something disturbing.  This leads to a Royal Guard scout party going missing, and bartering of information with a mysterious thief master. Related article: Walkthrough

Something foul reeks in the sewers – II

The thief master comes through and gives the word of power that allows access to the deep sewers. The citizens decide to mount a rescue without informing the Captain… saving the life of William by their actions.

May 16th Captain Nystad faces off against Lord Emissary Saius

Signs of a growing rivalry between Captain Nystad and Lord Emissary Saius point to a chaotic future.

May 16th Turmoil in Britain as Town Guards come under fire

The fledgling Town Guards face increased pressure from political adversaries and miscreants.

May 18th Lord Saius leads an attack against the orcs

Perhaps being overzealous in his attempts to upstage Captain Nystad, Lord Saius leads an assault against the orcs. The mission had very little to do with securing the kingdom and more to do with blind vengance and political upmanship.

May 25th Town Guard HQ established

A secure headquarters is built for the town guards at the behest of Captain Nystad

May 29th Thief master arc announced

The thief master will routinely hand out tasks that can be performed by willing players. Each time a player successfully finishes one of these tasks, they get a notoriety point which improves their standing amongst the thief master’s clan. A high enough standing could open doors that might otherwise be closed!

June 2nd Battle on High Seas

Thief master and Independent trader’s alliance conspire to sabotage Gideon’s mission to deliver shipment for Lord Casca. However, their plans are foiled by mercenaries hired by Gideon to protect the shipment.

June 3rd Lord Saius calls for representatives of kingdom/cities seeking autonomy

Ever since Lord Casca expressed his displeasure with self-autonomous city/states emerging within the realm there has been a growing spasm between the two sides. Lord Saius, emissary of the king pro-temp, will lead final negotiations with the representatives of the said city/states to resolve this matter once and for all!

June 13th Lord Casca Promotes Gideon

Fresh from his success in Felucca, Gideon is christened as Merchant Counselor of Britain by Lord Casca. The new position gives Gideon sweeping powers in the matters of trade, especially sea based commerce.

June 7th-June 20th Negotiating for a King’s Grace

Lord Emissary Saius calls for the representatives of any and all who claim independence or autonomy from the throne. No more than eight entities dare to answer his summons, leaving their fates hanging in a balance, as they meet in Brit farms in Felucca under the protection of Royal Guards for a marathon of a negotiation.

The negotiations end with the claims of Queen Shieba’s alliance, Ravenshire, and Ordo Malleus being accepted, whereas everyone else (namely, Cartel, Heaven’s Forge, Dark Tower, Dawn, City of Avalon, and Darkmoor) being rejected, turning them into rebels.

June 22nd: Standard Recruit Test

The town guards are finally able to test their abilities by taking their Standard Recruit Test (S.R.T.). All of the participating recruits pass the test with flying colors and are promoted to guard rank.

June 24th: Strange portals start appearing

Shortly after the failed negotiations with six of the claimants, strange portals make an appearance near the headquarters of each of the rejected claimant. Understandably, rumors arise that Lord Casca is responsible for this as he considers force to crush the rebels.

June 27th: Captain Nystad is sent to Tokuno by Lord Casca

Captain Nystad leads an army of well-wishers to understake a mission of provideing assistance to the Empress of Tokuno at the behest of Lord Casca. However, once there they face strong resistance from bands of mercenaries as they realize that things are not as they seem. The citizens assisting the captain discover contracts to kill the captain herself from the mercenary troops. The captain is shocked by this as she attempts to puzzle out the hand behind this attempt at her life.

June 27th: A difference face for a different person: Servants and Fools

While Lord Casca falsely leads Captain Nystad into thinking that there will be no hostilities against the rebels, he shows his true intentions while chatting with Lord Saius.

June 27th: Lord Casca’s mercenaries attack the rebel kingdoms

At the same time that captain Nystad is leading a battle against the mercenaries in Tokuno, a first wave of attack is launched against the rebel entities of Cartel, Darkmor, Kingdom of Dawn, City of Avalon, Dark Tower, and Heaven’s Forge. The same band of mercenaries that attacked the captain in Tokuno is responsible for these attacks.

Captain Nystad is shell-shocked at discovering this, as it dawns upon her that Lord Casca might have been pulling her strings the entire time. Meanwhile, some of the rebels start organizing their defences to face this threat to their very existance.

June 27th to August 2nd: Mercenary led war against the kingdoms seeking independence

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1) Strange information is collected from mercenaries attacking the different rebels

2) Mercenaries launch a devastating attack on the Dark Tower and City of Avalon but were driven back by the rebel aliance

3) The battle of ivory throne marks the turning point in fight against Lord Casca as it finally unites the people under the banner of Operation Royal Flush.

4) More attacks ensue as Heaven’s Forge and Cartel Faction come under fire.

5) Greatly angered by Captain Nystad’s escape, Lord Casca launches a premature but nonetheless lethal attack on Darkmoor and Kingdom of Dawn.

6) Emboldened by successfully repelling repeated mercenary onslaughts, the rebels, with the aid of the thiefmaster, launch devastating counter attacks against the Mercenary base in Trammel and Felucca. The blackgates, now dimmed since the destruction of strange power generators, sit idly.

July 3rd to July 15th: Seeds of rebellion

The thief master meets with the leader of the independent traders to review the current situation in the realm. They come to an understanding that it is perhaps time to overthrow Lord Casca. However, how they will do this is not entirely clear at this moment.

It is suspected that the thief master is responsible for supplying Captain Nystad with the evidence of Lord Casca’s involvement with the mercenary attacks and also indirectly supplying intelligence to the rebels of the mercenary activities.

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1) Seeds of Rebellion – I

2) Seeds of Rebellion – II Captain Nystad confronts Lord Casca over the mercenary attacks. In anger, she resigns from her position leading to her arrest.

3) Seeds of Rebellion – III Kullervo Nystad calls for a secret gathering in Bucanner’s Den to discuss means to defeating Lord Casca and rescuing his sister. The newly found rebel alliance agrees to call their mission Operation Royal Flush. Meanwhile, vigilantes try to rescue Lady Nystad in vain.

July 18th – Tick! Tock! – Race to rescue Aino Nystad begins

Lord Casca exploits the failed rescue attempt to sentence Aino Nystad to death by a guillotine. The thief master, Kullervo, and others race against time to rescue Nystad.

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1) At the behest of the thiefmaster and Kullervo Nystad, Nystad loyalists scour the Lycaeum searching for information that might help with disabling the Anti-Magus Crystals. In their quest, they discover a mysterious blackrock lab which might just hold the key to their problems.

2) Crowds cheer as Lady Nystad makes a dramatic escape from literally the edge of the guillotine.

July 30th – August 10th : Dawn of New hope (partially global event)

A familiar face returns as new hope rises

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1) Lord Casca orders an attack on Dawn’s hut in Yew

2) Dawn reveals herself at the second gathering of Operation Royal Flush called by Lady Aino Nystad. Later, Fayaxion the Platinum, also makes a short appearance.

3) Dawn, with the aid of Kullervo Nystad, successfully leads the loyal citizens in repelling the Shadowlord invasion.

September 5th – The End Game

1) Melissa summons her minions to launch an attack against the forces of True Britannia with the aid of the Crimson dragons.

2) An emergency war council is called where Kullervo Nystad breaks the news of the impending attack by Shadowlords. The members of Operation Royal Flush agree to mount a defence in the city of Britain in Felucca. An epic battle follows, involving Crimson Dragons and followers of SL on one side against the Platinum Dragon and forces of Operation Royal Flush on the other.

3) Following the defeat of the Crimson dragons,  Lady Dawn led forces of Operation Royal Flush against the Shadowlords beneath the Demon Temple on Fire Island. A bold and decisive strike was launched in which all three Shadowlords were vanquished. Lady Dawn recovered a ruby gem capable of harnessing the power of the sun itself – the very item that was being employed by the Shadowlords in their attempts to recreate the Gem of Immortality.

September 8th-20th: The King Is Dead, Long Live The Queen

Lord Casca’s reign of terror comes to an end, even as two friends pass from amongst us, and a queen comes to fore as people hope for a new era of peace and prosperity.

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1) Following the momentous defeat of both the Shadowlords and the Crimson Dragons at the hands of Dawn and members of Operation Royal Flush, Casca finds himself in a very weak position. In a desperate attempt, he summons Dawn to the castle Blackthorn and demands that Dawn hands over the ruby recovered from the Shadowlords. In the ensuing fight, Dawn destroyed the ruby which surprisingly caused Lord Casca’s death on the spot. Alas, the ever so loyal Bartalbe, Lord Casca’s popular dog, passed away few days after from the loss of his master. Meanwhile, Trubo Saius makes a run for it following Casca’s death.

2) With the demise of Lord Casca, the throne of Britain is once again empty. Lady Dawn disbands the so-called Royal Council and enforces other measures to prevent any trouble by the followers of Lord Casca. In the following days, Dawn is urged to step up and fill in the vaccuum before the land spirals into chaos.

3) Lady Dawn is coronated as the Queen of Britain in the presence of Lady Aino Nystad and paladin Elladan of Trinsic. In a shocking turn of events, however, the earlier joy of the coronation is marred by a failed assassination attempt against the new queen. However, Lady Aino Nystad, newly reinstated captain of the Royal Guards and scion of House of Nystad, is killed while ensuring the safety of the new queen.

Author: EM Seppo