Keep Britannia Clean

This is an incomplete archive of events from first quarter of 2010

September 23rd: First Contact

Queen Zhah meets the new queen of Britannia, Lady Dawn, representing the first official contact between humans and gargoyles. As a sign of friendship and cooperation, Queen Zhah links the moongates to Ter Mur.

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September 28th: Keep Britannia Clean! campaign is launched

In a first sign of not all is well with the human-gargish agreement for cooperation, mysterious scrolls appear throughout the city of Britain asking the gargoyles to be sent home.

October 1st: Reclaiming stolen wisdom

An-Buci, a scholar of Ter Mur, is attacked on her way to Lycaeum and all her books that were meant as a gift to the scholars of Lycaeum stolen.  Fortunately, she is assisted by the humans and gargoyles alike in retrieving the stolen knowledge.

October 5th-18th: Tying up loose ends

Meanwhile, Queen Dawn declares Trubo Saius, the former Lord Emissary, as a suspect for assassination of Lady Aino Nystad and murder of a castle employee. Citizens are urged to assist the guards in bringing him to the justice.

After a through investigation and with the aid of many citizens, Trubo Saius’ hideout is revealed. Queen Dawn urges Kullervo Nystad to lead the raid against Saius, in hopes of helping him find solace. Finally, after an intense brawl in the Exodus dungeon, Trubo Saius is captured alive.

October 19th: Standard Recruit Test again

New recruits of the town guard take the S.R.T. to get promoted to the rank of a town guard under the watchful eye of Corporal Brackus.

November 1st: Something evil lurks at City of The dead

Foul spirits haunt the city of the dead in Felucca as thrill seekers search for rumored treasures

November 7th: Pumpking pies, golden brew, and a sprinkle of terror

Fall festivities are launched in form of a Halloween bazaar at the Skara Brae Faire Grounds in Trammel

November 17th- Ongoing: Keep Britannia Clean! gathers steam

1) Grim effigies with a note of warning appear at West Britain Bank and outside the houses of citizens known to be pro-gargoyles. Meanwhile, an intense debate starts on the street as protests and counter-protests spill over into castle British.

2) New warnings and threats are discovered with an ultimatum against the pro-gargoyle citizens

Author: EM Seppo