Current Event Arc

Last updated: November 13th, 2011

This page outlines the current event arc on Baja which began in July 2011 and is planned to culminate in Autumn 2012. The aim of this archive is to provide a cohesive summary of the arc and related shard lore from start till the end. To read more about the previous arcs, please refer to the War of Shadows, and Keep Britannia Clean pages.

(This page is always under construction – watch out for typos and unpolished sentences)

June 23rd-July 31st : A New Beginning

After suffering the tragic loss of her queen, the Kingdom of Britannia marks a new beginning with a democratic system of government run by a citizen’s council in the stead of Lord British. The proposed Council of Citizens evinces an overwhelming interest amongst the populace with up to 10 candidates running for the 4 High Councillor seats. After weeks of campaigning and debates, the elections are heldpeacefully with Elladan Faeryn, Fern Goodfellow, Fig the Ancient, and Ta’lin Birdsong becoming the first High Councillors of Britannia.

August 27th-September 3rd : A New Shadow In The Lurks?

As Britannia celebrated the formation of a new government, hopes and expectations of the people are running high. However, rather soon, the citizens are shaken into reality with Orcish raids on the outskirts of their capital, Britain. While the raiders were eventually taken care of many questions remained unanswered. Some observers reported information pointing to the mysterious black rider, formerly Faine the fruitseller, who was last seen leading the banned group Keep Britannia Clean. Are old villains resurfacing or are these the signs of a new shadow befalling the realm?

October 6th – 20th: Charter of Britannia Accepted

Even as the newly formed High Council struggles with issues far ranging from Orcish attacks to a seething rebellion in New Magincia, it continues to makeĀ  progress. After several weeks of hard work, The High Council presents the “Great Charter of Britannia“, a document governing the actions of the Council. The charter comes into force after being accepted through a popular vote.

October 15th : Rocky Start For The New High Council Member

After many rounds of discussions (and conspiring), the aristocracy selects Lady Charlotte Christianson of Trinsic to fill the seat allocated to them in the High Council of Britannia. However, the Lady is kidnapped and her father slayed right before her first public appearance. Shaken but not defeated, Lady Christianson chooses to remain on the High Council after her rescue.

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October 29th: Something Smells Rotten In The Sewers

A mysterious gate appears, deep inside the sewers of Britain, leading adventurers to dungeons of hell. Seemingly unconnected to anything, it poses yet another piece of evidence of the evil lurking beneath the surface.

November 9th: Another attack, another town

Minoc mines are captured in a highly organized surprise attack. Captain Jenkins calls an emergency meeting to rally the troops to defeat the brigands in question. While successful, they are left with little new information regarding the origins of the attacks.